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One of the most beautiful trends in interior design of the last decade is ornate and beautiful wallpaper. Wallpaper design has seen a complete resurgence in popularity and we’ve seen it become the central design focus when used well in any room. There are a number of companies that now specifically produce incredible black and white designs for wallpaper – with a huge range of different patterns and designs. Often these will even have texturing added to create an even more dynamic look in your home. We also love the 3D wall flats that are becoming regularly seen in modern design.  I have curated this image gallery to inspire designers and home owners who are thinking of wallpapering one or all of the walls in a specific room, be it a bedroom, kitchen, living room or even a bathroom. Enjoy!

Black And White Wallpapers For Retro Wallpaper Come With

Girls Bedroom Decorating Ideas

There are lots of different types of amazing wallpaper, and more and more homeowners are deciding to decorate at least one of the rooms in their homes with wallpapering. A large majority of the ideas depend on the style of the homeowner. Some people choose simple themes. Others may be focused on much more complex themes and ideas for their wallpaper. Giant patterns, subtle lines, bold colors or even wallpaper that looks like bookshelves have gotten popular again as wallpaper makes a big comeback into the interior design world.  You can even find some wonderful textured or three-dimensional wallpaper that will absolutely give your room a bold look!


Beautiful Black And White Bedroom Wallpaper

We’ve put together a collection of images that we hope will inspire you as you search for the perfect wallpaper for your home!

Collect This Idea Cool

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The Best Green Nursery Ideas,

Rooms decorated in green colors peculate an awareness of earth consciousness and reflects an appreciation for the outdoors. Whenever focusing on a natural green or a eco-living style home you need to think like mother nature by balancing feel and lighting with a triad of colors and textures. Green themed rooms that are themed around gentle natural earth tones bring to life a simplistic, and refreshing experience that enriches a sense of relaxation, peace and serenity.

23 Wonderful Green Interior

The colors used for drapery, furniture and walls need to reflect and evenly distribute lighting that brightens a room to maximum potential. Use modern understated furniture that flatters with subtle elegance instead of bulky and darker furniture that can easily overpower a room. Highlight and splash areas using smaller decor to provide a hint of darker rich colors that flirt with they eyes and remind us of nature’s textures, such as the slate blacks, wisps of light ocean blues, and small specks of the vibrant reds. Use light colors of green for walls, and specially placed objects to unambiguously interweave it among other colors. As long as the majority of colors are natural and light, the greens will pop and draw the eye.

18 Photos Of The Green Living Room Ideas

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Art Wall

When you’re in high school or even college you most likely had posters and pictures covering your bedroom walls. Once you enter the real world and get a place of your own you generally want to re-create that feeling, but in a more “adult” way.

Let’s face it though, you still want cool wall art! It needs to be art you enjoy and that says something about your personality.

A good place to start for cool wall art is your own photo album! Many websites now offer the ability to import your own photos and order them in much bigger sizes suitable for framing. This means you can decorate your walls with photos of friends, family, your travels, or anything that inspires you.

Another great idea is online art prints. A lot of artists now sell prints online and you can find art depicting pretty much anything. If you’re into movies there are plenty of artists doing recreations of movie posters and original art inspired by movies.

Regardless of budget you can get yourself some cool, fun art for your walls easily now!Contemporary Wall Art For  Wall Of Art Top 5 Wall And Decor Ideas

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Modern Minimalist Kitchen Furniture Decor

In many homes, the kitchen is the most popular room in the house. Folks congregate in the kitchen to eat, drink and discuss everything from world affairs to where to get the best deal on tires. Contemporary kitchen decor ideas can help you create a kitchen you will be proud of.

Kitchen tables with glass or metal tops are a quick and painless way to add contemporary design to your kitchen. There is a wide range of modern kitchen dining table sizes to choose from nowadays, so even if you have just a small corner to fill you are likely to find the perfect table in the style you want.

Modern Kitchen Decor Themes

Wall art is another popular way of updating a kitchen. And, you don’t just have to choose art that is kitchen-themed. In fact, one of the best ways to give your kitchen an edgy, contemporary flair is to pick colorful and eye-catching wall art themes that have nothing to do with cooking or the domestic routine.

Clocks, shelving and even tiles in geometric shapes are popular choices for contemporary kitchens. Colorful counter back splashes are also a quick and relatively inexpensive way to update your kitchen decor.

Elegant Kitchen Modern Ideas Housearquitectura For Kitchens With Simple

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Get That Vintage Mad Men Look in Your Office

With Many Designers Of All

A Mid Century Office Mid

Have you fallen in love with the incredible set design and aesthetic of the hit tv show, Mad Men? You’re not the only one. The show has won countless awards, many of them for set decorating. The show perfectly captures a specific time in design history – the indelible and fabulous 1960’s. Bright, vibrant colors, smooth sloping designs, and out of this world lighting and fixtures. In this post we’ll provide lots of design inspiration in pictures that capture the spirit of 60’s Manhattan, and the era of the Mad Men.

Well In The Design World

Vintage 60’s Living Rooms

… 60s And 70s Our Neighbors Called Their Living Room The Front Room It

This Vintage 60's Add-on!

What better way to incorporate your love of all things vintage then by using that decor style in your home. Whether your tastes run to more formal looks or you like things to be a bit more funky, there is a way to decorate vintage living rooms to fit your design aesthetic.

Vintage design can mean many things. One style is something a bit glamorous. This is signified by sumptuous, fluffy white rugs, crystal chandeliers, damask patterns and a color palette that might include white, black and Tiffany blue. This has an element of an old Hollywood look and feel.

1967 Living Room

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