3 Ways To Zen Your Living Space

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To get a relaxing and zen feel to any living one needs to add a few classic features. A water feature is key. Adjustable lighting, comfortable furniture, and music are also great ways to bring a relaxed feel to any living room. Using a water fountain or other small water feature as a focal point in the living room is a great way to relax people instantly when they walk into the living room. A good place is to put a small fountain on a mantel or coffee table that is central to the seating spaces in the room.

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Using over-sized furniture, recliners, chaise lounges, or padded ottomans is a way to get a relaxed feel as soon as one sits down in the room. Using low lighting relaxes the body and deadens the senses somewhat, it allows meditation and relaxation to take place. Putting on comfortable music, ocean waves, soothing chants, rain, thunder, or even cricket sounds can set the mood and appeal to the senses. Using all of these features combined will give the room the best meditative effect. It brings comfort and relaxation into the home and offers an inviting place when coming home from a long workday.

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