Modern Kitchen Flooring – Ideas and Trends

Granite Floor Tile

More than ever, people are staying in their homes for a longer period of time. As a result, they are taking the time to add that special unique touch that will last a life time. One of the most made over rooms in the house is the kitchen. Typically, when a person makes changes to their kitchen, they change out everything. If a person is making major renovations to their kitchen, and kitchen floors, then they should consider some of the modern kitchen flooring trends and accents that are available.

Some of the most popular kitchen floor trends right now include:

  • Terrazzo flooring, which is made through a mix of marble chips and resins. Not only is it super resilient, it also looks amazing.
  • Cork Flooring, which is better for your feet, and with cork’s natural wax, it becomes water resistant once laid down as kitchen flooring.
  • Stone flooring, using natural stones like granite, travertine and slates.
  • Bamboo flooring is becoming more and more popular as well because of it’s eco-friendliness, and lower cost.

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Rustic Country Living Room Design Tips

Living Photos Country

Having a stunning country space is quite simple when you follow these living room design tips. The first step is to choose rustic furniture. You might opt for couches that have their bases made out of logs. If that’s not possible, choose colors in the neutral palate or that are on the warmer side as these tend to channel feelings of the country and nature. Try to paint the room in similar tones; it will truly make everyone feel cozy.

Country Living Room

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Rustic Flooring Ideas For Your Home


Decorating a home in the rustic style is difficult, especially if the rest of your home is more modern. However, it certainly can be done, even when you want something as simple as rustic flooring. The best place to start would be with proper hardwood – the more old and weathered looking, the better. Some homeowners even decide to DIY this kind of look, which can be fairly easily done, although the process might be energy and time consuming. “Rusticifying” your hardwood floors involves using scrapers and other tools to make the wood look distressed.

A carpet or an area rug in a beautiful shade like red, orange or brown really brings those natural vibes into the living space. Of course, you want to match with the rest of the room, so perhaps you’ll wind up changing the color of the walls and the furniture as well to really feel like you’re in nature. You can even go for a faux fur rug, if that’s how rustic you wanna get! Check out the huge selection of rustic style rugs in our store.

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