The Panton Chair by Verner Panton

Modern Classics: Verner Panton Chairs

The Panton chair was designed by Verner Panton, one of Denmark’s most influential interior designers, in the 1960s.

Since the chair’s creation, its iconic design has made it a 20th-century landmark. Built fluidly to accommodate the human body form, the Panton chair incorporates features made for both style and comfort. The cantilever base and overall shape was designed with flexible materials. The sleek design makes it suitable for singular and group settings, as well as outdoors.

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The solid plastic chair was originally made in one mold, however, the process was subsequently adjusted for manufacturing until later. Produced using injection molding, the plastic material consists of reinforced polypropylene fiberglass that is thoroughly dyed. At approximately 5.5 kg, its sturdy construction includes weather proofing and UV safeguards, with fade prevention additives. In addition, the Panton chair has passed all standard flammability tests based upon the butane and cigarette flame tests.

The Panton chair is considered a classic of futuristic furniture design. The Vitra firm developed a version for production in 1967. Since the first plastic chair was made from one section, it has seen some adjustments after the market launch. Recently, it was produced in alignment with designer Panton’s original vision, from strong, dyed plastic with a matt finish. Also known as the stacking or S chair, it has become Panton’s most mass-produced and famous design.

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Examples of Romantic and Sexy Bedrooms

Black Bedroom Sexy

With the wide variety of room designs many have opted for romantic design styles. With a warm romantic design you have a large variation of options and can easily find accessories and colors that are to your liking.

When choosing a design and accessories for this kind of look, start with wall color. Depending on your style, dark sexy colors, or warm and inviting colors work best. Try a deep red with an dark bed spread, or chocolate brown walls with a white bedspread. Use color samples to mix and match colors to find the perfect color palette for your bedroom.

Black Master Bedroom

15 Modern Bathroom Decor Ideas

Contemporary Bathroom Modern

One of the modern touches to add to bathrooms is a change in fixtures and knobs. Changing the hardware in a bathroom can dramatically change the look when one is trying to modernize the bathroom. Using bright, shiny faucets, handles, and shower heads will give the room a fresh look. Be sure to choose fixtures that have clean lines and not too much decorative design included. The key is simple and sleek.

Modern Bathroom Design Ideas

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Gorgeous Examples of Zen Home Design

Zen Designs

A home is one’s paradise. Zen home design combines architecture and therapeutic design to promote tranquility. Use of open ventilated spaces, curvature design, and fine wood materials changes the dynamics of your house. The idea is to mix the outdoors with the indoors. By simplifying the design of your house with zen architecture, you exhibit the essence of nature and do away with chaotic clutter.

Zen Home Interiors

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Organized Desk

Anyone that has a workspace, whether at home or elsewhere, knows the pains associated with trying to maximize your workspace without cluttering it with odds and ends. Depending on your line of work, you may be in need of lots of floor space for traveling back and forth or lots of desk space to ensure you’re able to work efficiently. By following a few sustainable work space design tips, you can turn your cluttered and messy work space into a free-flowing and easily traversable space that anyone would be glad to work in.

Organized Desk

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Cool Art Ideas For Your Kitchen

Vintage Kitchen Idea

The kitchen is undoubtedly a favorite spot for people to let loose and proudly display artwork that enhances a fun atmosphere with joyful and vibrant colors. Food, family memories, tasty treats, and personal culinary passions dominate the kitchen. Some classic favorites of contemporary kitchen wall art depicts Italian chefs on bicycles, country farm living, still lifes of fruits and vegetables, sunflowers, roses, crabs, fishing docks, old fashioned towns and open air markets, cows and roosters, wines, cheeses, windmills, and colorful fish.

Art mediums can alter the feel and conceptual styles of images with gouache, watercolor, acrylics, sketches, graphics, and photography. Artwork does not have to be limited to a single piece. Get creative by displaying a set of artwork that work together to create a story or larger image.

Kitchen Art

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Some Rustic Modern Kitchen Floor Ideas

Rustic Modern Kitchen

If you are one of those people that watch lots of shows about remodeling your home, you may be familiar with rustic modern kitchen flooring. This is a concept where the floors have a wooden style with a country side type of feel.

Lots of people may argue that this is not modern. It is not in a futuristic sense, but it is definitely a recycled style that is coming back into the spotlight. A lot of people prefer this rustic look throughout the house, but the kitchen area is new. There was a time when people would consider things like hardwood floors for hallways and marble or granite for kitchens.

Rustic Modern Kitchen

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Beautiful Sustainable Table

There is a surge in green technology and eco-friendly products. Many facets of home design and product replacement will focus on modern furniture styles. The latest home design books and television shows will focus on these things.

Lots of the tables and chairs can be made from recycled wood. This is the new modern look that many homeowners are going for and believe me, lots of people spend considerable amounts of time in the kitchen, which, lets face it – is meant for more than cooking, a lot of the time this is the area where all of the entertainment also takes place.

Eco Friendly Bamboo Dining Table Design For Dining Room Furniture By ...

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Modern Home Office Design Ideas

Modern Home Office Furniture Design

Because twenty-first century technology allows people to do more work from home than ever before, the home office is an essential part of every home. Make yours work for you with these modern work space design tips.

Make it Fit Your Needs!
Your home office can take up as much or as little of your house as you want it to. You can shoe-horn a computer desk in anywhere, but if you need more room, you can convert a spare bedroom or landing area into your personal workspace. Or, if all you need is a laptop, a comfy recliner can be your office.

Modern Home Offices

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Contemporary Loft Design Ideas

Modern Urban Green Loft Design – Mosler Lofts | Digsdigs

Some tips for decorating a home in a modern theme is to use metallic elements with clean lines. Modern themes are simple in style which means that other things can fit in really well and complement the style. For example, using black colored furniture or black photo frames on pictures is one way to add a modern touch without buying a special item.

Furniture and frames can even be painted black to fit in with the theme. Using silver, gold, or chrome accents also gives black a modern feel with stylish accessories. Using a bed with a desk on a metal frame adds a contemporary  feel to a place. buying metal chairs, tables, and trinket boxes can help complete the look when decorating.

Design Contemporary Loft


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