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Office space can be a prison or paradise depending on how you look at it. It is a place you see 5 days a week, for hours on end. If it is not aesthetically pleasing, your mental state may suffer the consequences. Here are a few cool office décor ideas to lighten things up:

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The Relaxing Zen Backyard


In this fast paced, noisy world, A place of quite solitude; peace and calm, with easy upkeep is an absolute necessity.

Zen design started around the fourteenth Century in ancient Japan. Buddhist Priests designed places with very simple landscaping. The feeling of water was created by raking sand into ripple shapes, plants and rocks used sparingly all came together with the end result a peaceful place where one could meditate and commune with nature.

Backyard Zen Contemporary

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Contemporary Bathroom Decor Ideas

Contemporary Bathroom Design And Decor Ideas

There are many contemporary bathroom decor ideas that can be used to update the look of a bathroom, no matter what size it may be. Choosing the wall color can change the feel of a bathroom. Light colors will make a small bathroom seem more expansive, while a darker color may accent the cozy intimate feel.

Changing the bathroom fixtures, such as a new sink and toilet, will give a bathroom an entirely new look. Replacing sink and toilet handles with a new style will also give it a new look, such as adding antique-style handles.

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Give Your Apartment a Vintage Look

Retro Television Stand.

There’s a big trend for vintage decor right now, and when you want to give your apartment some personality and some vintage flavor, there are a few things to keep in mind. Remember that vintage does not simply mean old; do not simply go to second hand stores and pick up anything that is from a certain era. Instead, this look requires a rather soft touch.

First, think about the era that you are considering. Vintage might mean something as stark and colorful as the love for clean lines in the sixties, or it might mean a love of something more decadent and textured, as in the twenties. Make sure that you know what kind of aesthetic that you are going for.

Contemporary Vintage Apartment

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Modern Rustic Living Room

It may be easier than you imagine to create a decor that is warm, inviting, simplistic and slightly sophisticated using elements from two seemingly opposite decorating styles. Rustic-modern apartment decor ideas involve a combination of complementary colors, textures and design elements.

Earth-tone colors that are often found in rustic decors attractively complement the stainless steel appliances typically used in a modern kitchen. Including a wooden table with a simplistic design featuring defined edges paired with armless chairs or possibly wooden benches would be ideal for a modern apartment.

Industrial Pendant Light

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Relaxing and Zen Bathroom Design Tips

Cool Modern Zen Bath Room

When it comes to designing or remodeling your bathroom, you may want a space that is comfortable and relaxing. A zen inspired bathroom could provide the relaxation and calmness you desire. Zen designs might create an environment that enables you to rejuvenate and offers tranquility after a long day.

Gorgeous Zen Bathroom

Cool Green Eco Apartments

Eco Design Small

Designing with the environment is mind is somewhat of a challenge for many people. So many people want to go green with their home designs but lack the creativity, resources or inspiration to make it happen. Surprisingly enough there are many options on the market and elsewhere when it comes to designing green apartments.

One of the best ways to design an apartment with an eco-minded theme is to select unique eco-friendly furniture such as chairs made from sustainable materials like bamboo. Also, many local shops offer one-of-a-kind handmade pieces of furniture that are from reclaimed wood or other materials. Green furniture options are endless and can be found almost anywhere.

Eco Friendly Apartment

A Few Handy Modern Backyard Design Tips

Backyard Fireplace

If you’re interested in modern backyard design – you would be wise to know landscaping not only provides a comfortable environment as to your home’s exterior; it also increases your home’s total value. And who doesn’t want to increase their home’s value! It is important too that you create an illusion of spaciousness on your property if the area is not particularly large. Also, the smallest of design elements can become crucial when creating the ultimate outside environment. The modern backyard design tips which follow make creating the most amazing backyard all the more realizable.

Regardless of  the land, area or layout, you can always find the right items add to the aesthetic improvement of your yard space. Such items may include one or a variety of plants, sculpture, garden waterfalls, and contemporary-style furniture. Your imagination is your best guide when creating the perfect space for you and your family.

Modern Home Design Backyard

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Backyard Japanese Zen Design Ideas

Zen Garden Backyard

Are you looking for a more relaxing backyard design? Try designing a Japanese Zen garden in your backyard to ease your mind, and rid your stress while at home.

Zen gardens are known for their calm essence, and in the hectic world we live in, why not transform your backyard into a stress free paradise! Besides being beautiful, a Zen garden is a rather simple landscape design! A great way to start you design would be to get ahold of some nicely grained sand, and lay it throughout your yard. Next, I would look into purchasing some rakes, and see what kind you like best to create your lined patterns in the sand.

Zen Garden Home Idea

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15 Rustic Loft Design Ideas

Rustic French Loft

When searching for ideas with your future loft designing plans, the internet is an excellent source of information. If it’s a more rustic look and feel that you’re going for, there are several different tricks and tips that can really add some  old-fashioned charm to your space. Some rustic loft design ideas can include anything from renovations in the walls, to building in a simple addition to your walls. The ending result is really up to you, but here we’ll cover some of the more innovative designs, when it comes to creating rustic decor that works.

Rustic French Loft

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