Country Barn Wedding

Country Barn Wedding

It’s no secret I am in love with barns, in a post I wrote a couple of days ago I confessed my dream of living in a barn. Now I want to share with you some more photos of barn related inspiration for having a country barn wedding. For me, barns are the perfect balance, they offer open cathedral like space with a beautiful rustic atmosphere. I’ve always stated that I want to get married outside and not in a church (I’m not religious so I would feel it hypocritical, and church weddings are boring and over rated in my opinion) so having a ceremony in the barn provides shelter to take away the worry about what the weather is going to be like, while still having that sense of being outside and in the country.

Country Barn Wedding 22

Modern Architecture: The Dorsey Residence

Modern Architecture 4

On Bainbridge Island in Washington State you will find the Dorsey Residence, an amazing piece of modern architectural art. Designed by Coates Design Architects, the home sits on waterfront property and has unobstructed views of the Olympic Mountains. Not to be deceived by the concrete curb appeal, this home boasts a wall of windows on the back waterfront side.

Modern Architecture 7

Vintage Bathroom Design Tips

Vintage Bathroom Design Tips

Bathrooms offer the perfect opportunity to let your personality show. Smaller in size and scale than most other rooms in the house, the bathroom is where most people feel more comfortable experimenting with color, paint treatments, or even themes.

Find ways to incorporate things you love into this small space, remember this is a space you spend time in every day! A few vintage bathroom design tips to keep in mind: mix new and old for an eclectic feel, think meaningful and memorable, and don’t be afraid of color.

Vintage Bathroom Design Tips 8

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Living in a Barn

Living In A Barn

Ever since I was a child I’ve always been amazed by barns, so simple from the outside yet the complex beautifully exposed joinery of the timber frame in. Each barn with it’s own unique characteristics brought forth by the idiosyncrasies of the builders own techniques and choice, whether there was an option or not, of the wood used; hand hewn old Douglas fir, straight as an arrow Maple ridge beams, hand milled Red Wood side boards… if you haven’t noticed, I have a thing for barns.

Living In A Barn 17

This is why I’ve always dreamed of living in a one. It pains me to see so many of our beautiful barns across the country, and world for the matter, being tore down due to lack of upkeep or for some highrise or subdivision to be build it it’s place. That is why I am making it my 10 year goal to find a nice big barn in rough shape that is destined for the reclaimed wood pile, and convert it into an amazing rustic-modern living space with a loft and bright open space to spend the rest of my days in with family and friends. Hopefully passing it on through family generations, ensuring it carries on it’s legacy.

Kids Bedroom Design 1

All I can say is, wow! The designers over at Neopolis took original design to a whole new level when they put together this one-of-a-kind masterpiece for a very lucky 3-year-old girl. They took extra caution in designing the room to ensure that if the parents decided to have another child, with the possibility of a boy, that neutral colors of white, ivory and bright wood were used.

Kids Bedroom Design 7

Relaxing and Zen Bedroom Decor Ideas

Romantic Zen Bedroom

There are many ideas one can use to make a relaxing space to meditate, read, or sleep. One is to introduce a water feature into the room. Second is by adding candles, low lighting, or mood lighting. Third is through scents and aromatherapy. Fourth is by adding comfortable furniture. Fifth is by adding a ceiling fan or air conditioner to the room.

Zen Master Bedroom
Adding a water feature makes a room instantly inviting and soothing. The gentle sounds of water running, dripping, or trickling allows one to instantly let go and begin to relax. Candles or low lighting is important to introduce meditation and relaxing sleep. Mood lighting can enhance the effects that the low light has by aiding mood changes according to color.

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Rustic Living Room Floor

Who doesn’t love the feeling of freedom and simple pleasure a rustic atmosphere gives? Add efficient lighting and modern comfortable lounging and I’m in the perfect setting. Combining these two atmospheres is what is known as, well, just as you would think it sounds, a rustic-modern theme. Here I’ll quickly examine some rustic-modern living room ideas for design and decor.

One cozy but classic trick is to allow for the appearance of aged material without the dysfunction of it. Wooden materials used in end and coffee tables or book shelves can be stained or painted to look aged or well-used! Selecting decorations like old fashioned games, checkers, or antiques add to the rustic atmosphere. Part of the living rustically is having only what is needed, while modern design combines form and function. Use traditional decorations as coasters, bins, or bookends.

Rustic Modern Living Room

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Relaxing Loft Seating

Do you have a loft in your house that is currently filled with clutter? Why not put that clutter where it belongs, and create your very own, private, stress-free sanctuary! Leave your worries at the front door, and transform your useless area into a Zen loft.

Zen is a Japanese term, which means a school of Mahayana Buddhism emphasizing the value of meditation. Another way to think of Zen is a total state of focus, that incorporates you to relax your body and mind. Creating your loft into a Zen get-a-way will be as easy as 1, 2, and 3! You will want to find a simple seating arrangement that matches your style. Make sure the furniture is simple, and not over the top.

Custom Seating For Meditation

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Alternative Energy Apartments

One way that the modern day person who is concerned about their environmental footprint can make an impact is with how they design their apartments and manage their waste. Most long to live a green lifestyle while protecting the environment and creating a green living space is a way for the individual to conserve energy consumption while protecting their environment and saving money.

Regulations for more eco-friendly apartment communities can make a major difference if they put together plans to conserve energy and save on consumption. Some of these plans could take simple measures to reduce waste and utilize recycling management; or perhaps requiring residents to avoid plastic trash bags and only use paper. Some require the residents to only use environmentally friendly lighting and heating. These are only a few of the measures that can be taken to improve the environment and save on energy consumption.

Today, numerous apartment complexes across the country are developing this mind set to protect the environment with green energy strategies. Apartment owners are utilizing solar energy while others are effectively channeling wind power for energy. This type of living is very beneficial for the apartment dweller and for the entire community.

Apartment Building Powered By Solar

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Rustic Lanterns

Those seeking to provide lighting to their backyard may have fallen in love with the rustic-modern appearance of outdoor lighting fixtures. Whether you’re in search of smaller fixtures that light a patio or walkway on the back of your home, or you’re in search of lamp post-styled fixtures to provide light within the backyard, finding lighting that suits you is important.

For lighting around the back of the home, a lighting fixture styled after a lantern is a very common and popular choice. These types of rustic lighting fixtures come in a variety of shapes and size. They also range from simplistic design to intricate etched-glass fixtures that provide a wonderful and soft light for back porches, patios and backyards.

Rustic-modern Outside String Lamps

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