rustic reclaimed wood bed mountain woods

Sometimes nothing is as comfortable or elegant as traditional wood furniture. You don’t have to go out and spend high prices on leather or fabric as wood is a valuable option. Plus, wood goes well in any environment and is generally more sturdy and forgiving than any other material. Plus, wood can be used to build just about anything, ranging from a bed to seat, dining table to hutch and just about anything else in between. On excellent option for wood furniture is the large furniture line offered by the skilled builders at Mountain Woods Furniture.

The furniture produced by Mountain Woods is excellent in its rustic, old-fashioned appearance and build, not to mention it creates an instant conversation piece. The bark, in many cases, is left intact, although smoothed down so everything is soft to the touch. The furniture is incredibly sturdy, so you don’t have to worry about a book shelf falling down or falling apart, simply because you placed one too many books in the shelves. On top of this, the overall lodge look of the furniture is something completely different from what you find anywhere else, so if you are looking for furniture built to last, this is the way to go.

The company has a range of pieces, from wonderful dining room sets, to incredible bedroom sets. If you are looking to re-decorate your actual lakehouse or cabin, or whether you want to bring that rustic look into your urban home – this is a good place to start.

One of the best aspects of buying wood furniture is the fact is is green made. There are no plastics or other materials used in the production of the products, and everything comes directly from the earth. This way, you cut down on your overall carbon footprint, all the while receiving something that truly stands out. The solid material is always going to be around, and can be passed down from generation to generation. So you aren’t just buying furniture for yourself or your children, you are buying it for your grandchildren and your children’s grandchildren. Although the prices are a bit more than traditional furniture, you’ll never have to replace it, which in the long run is going to save you a good deal of money.

Consider a Bamboo Bath or Kitchen Mat


Benefits of a Bamboo Bath

One great way to remodel your kitchen or your bathroom is to use bamboo. Using bamboo containers for your bath is eco friendly because bamboo is 100% biodegradable. Also, bamboo is derived from nature and grows very quickly. If you make your bathroom containers for soap, shampoo, and lotions out of bamboo, it will cut down on your need for using plastics, and it will also add to the elegance of your bathroom. You can even get an entire bathtub made out of bamboo.

Get Bamboo Mats for Your Bathroom

You can also get bamboo mats for your bathroom. These will help keep you from slipping. Also, they are better for the environment and then using rugs. Using bamboo makes your bathroom feel more natural and organic. You can use bamboo mats inside shower, and outside of your shower and bath when you are drying off. Bamboo is also water resistant, and it will bring a tropical like feeling to your bathroom which is also eco-friendly. Most of the time these bamboo mounts are extremely high quality and they are made out of bamboo that we all love!

Consider a Bamboo Kitchen Mat

Bamboo kitchen mounts are also very popular. Usually these are 4′ x 6′. You want to use them in your kitchen because they are water resistant. If you get a bamboo kitchen that you want to buy one that is durable and the slippery. The best types of bamboo mats are going to have a border around them to help hold them together, and they will also have a pad underneath them the help hold them in place. bamboo kitchen mats are durable and will last a long time if they are well taken care of. a bamboo kitchen that doesn’t even require washing. Just take the time to shake it out, and if the service of this starts to get dirty, then wipe it down with a sponge. You can also apply a light coating of wood polish or natural oil to make it shine. Buying a kitchen bamboo mat can make you more environmentally responsible.

Facon De Venise Meripirs 8 Light Chandelier

They say home is where your heart is, but every day, modern man strives to weave his heart into his home. The intricacies of interior designing rest solely upon the fervent desire to make your home perfect. An almost quintessential requisite to add the serenity it takes to make your home shine from within is lighting. And not just any lighting will do – those who love design want PERFECTION.

All the colors and all the shades cannot make a wall look picturesque until you shed some light on it. Chandeliers have traditionally equipped us with a gorgeous and creative way to do just that. Almost universally, chandeliers have been used for centuries to lighten up decorative living halls or create an ambience in the bedroom.

The latest trend in this enlightening range of chandeliers is use of eco-friendly chandeliers. Environmental awareness has encouraged the implementation of recycled material in building aesthetically pleasing but at the same time ecological sensible chandeliers. Eco-friendly chandeliers are the new eye-candy for decorating your abode.

Façon de Venise is a style of glass that originated in the 16th and 17th century in Italy, made in the “Venetian fashion” – in fact that’s the literal translation of Facon de venise.

The Facon de Venise Meripirs 8 Light Chandelier is one such exquisite model. Designed by Peter Lunetta, the Meripirs 8 Light Chandelier shines out from the enticing array of products offered by Facon de Venise elevates the beauty of your home, be it a spacious living room or an indulging study chamber. Available in a variety of fantastic creative designs and colors, the chandelier can carry 8 incandescent (or fluorescent) lights fixed in metallic outlook.

With the sumptuous dimensions of 60×40 inch, the chandeliers come in a special colored rubber. Along with these basic features, the product comes with additional finishing embellishing the overall look of the product. The complete framework originates from recycled material making it highly cost-effective and keeping the planet safe at the same time. Rest assured, these chandeliers will definitely find an irrefutable and desirable place in your home!

ray and charles eames

Icons of American modern architectural and furniture design, the pair, who married in 1941, seems to have been successful in whatever they attempted – and they had a wide range of interests and accomplishments.

Charles Ormond Eames, Jr. and Bernice Alexandra “Ray” Kaiser Eames were American designers much renowned in their own lifetimes for their designs in modern architecture and furniture. Charles studied architecture for two years on a scholarship, but tradition has it that he was reprimanded and asked to leave after his second year because he supported modernistic furniture and architecture and, most importantly and specifically, Frank Lloyd Wright.

He met his first wife, Catherine Woerman while he matriculated at Washington University and they married in 1929. A year later, his only child, a girl named Lucia, was born. This marriage was not a successful one and they divorced in 1941.

One important influence in Eames’ life was the Finnish architect Eliel Saarinen who had a son named Eero. Charles liked Eero very much as a personal friend and Eero later became a partner in New York, as he was an architect, as well. The older Saarinen encouraged Charles and his family to move to Michigan to study architecture at Cranbrook Academy of Art and they did accept this idea and moved in 1938. He became a teacher there and also headed up the industrial design department.

Working with Eero Saarinen and Ray Eames, he designed furniture for a New York City museum competition, for which the team received a prize. In this competition, they first used the technique of Wood Molding, the idea borrowed from the first person who used it, Alvar Aalto. This process is still in use and all the new Eames furniture produced is built by Herman Miller. A check of e-Bay reveals that vintage Eames furniture has lost very little of its value and, sometimes, sells for more than the new version of the same piece.

Charles Eames further developed this technique of wood molding and incorporated it into many products including other pieces of furniture as well as splints and stretchers for the United States Navy during World War II.

After his divorce from Catherine, Charles married a colleague from Cranbrook, Ray Kaiser. The couple moved to Los Angeles, CA, where they lived and worked together the rest of their lives. In the late 40’s, as part of Arts & Architecture Magazine’s “case study” program, the couple designed and built the “Eames House #8” , as their home. It overlooks the Pacific Ocean and was hand-constructed in a matter of a few days from pre-fabricated parts designated for industrial construction. It remains a milestone of modern architecture and now houses the Eames Foundation.

Ray, Bernice Alexandra Kaiser Eames, was an American artist, designer and filmmaker who, together with her husband Charles, are responsible for many classic designs of the 20th century.

After she completed her studies in Millbrook, N.Y., Ray began study at Cranbrook Academy of Arts in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. She met Charles while assisting him and Eero in the NY competition, which the team won. Their later use of wood molding techniques impacted almost all of their wooden furniture design from that point forward. Some of their more famous works in include the Eames Dax Chair, the famous Eames Herman Miller Lounge chair, and the two seat version of that incredible piece. She and Charles married a year after working together on the competition project.

Ray had lived in many cities with her parents before beginning undergraduate study at Bennett Women’s College in Millbrook, N.Y. After graduation, she moved to New York City, where Hans Hoffman, her teacher, introduced her to abstract expressionist painting. The Whitney Museum of Modern Art has one of her works in its permanent collection.

She and Charles enjoyed outstanding careers in design and architecture. Ray’s name was left off many of the drawings and plans for some years, during which time she was heavily contributing to the work. As people began to understand her contributions, her name was added and she was considered a full partner with Charles and Eero.

Charles Eames died of a heart attack August 21, 1978, during a trip to St. Louis, the city in which he was born. In 1988, Ray died on the tenth anniversary of her husband’s death.


Massimo Vignelli: An Inside Look Into the Life of a Brilliant Designer in NYC

Massimo Vignelli’s approach to any form of design at Vignelli Associates is simple: structure, specificity, and fun. In other words, a design needs organization, must follow a particular theme or direction, and must be creative and visually exciting to look at in its presentation. This philosophy has paid off for Massimo Vignelli who has an extensive portfolio of successes under his belt that include:

Graphic and Corporate Identity Program
Publication Design and Architectural Graphics
Interior design
Furniture design
Consumer Product Designs

Vignelli’s design talents have contributed to the success of many leading European and domestic industries. Two highly recognizable American companies that have benefited from Vignelli’s work are American Airlines and IBM. But the list does not stop there. The Architecture and Urbanism magazine (A+U) is based on Massimo’s format of graphic design. His influence in the world of furniture is seen through a number of well known furniture companies such as Poltrona Frau, Knoll, Casigliani, and Heller. The seating and signage of the Guggenheim Bilbao auditorium is also the handiwork of Massimo Vignelli. He has also produced a redesigned subway diagram to make traveling in NYC on the subway more efficient and more accurate for locals and tourists alike. Some of their most famous pieces include the Knoll Handkerchief Armchair, the Paperclip Table and the legendary Big Bench.

Forty years worth of commitment to perfection and an understanding of how to interpret different kinds of designs uniquely in daily life has earned Massimo Vignelli a permanent spot in many museums including the Brooklyn Museum, the Cooper-Hewitt Museum, the MoMa, the Musee de Arts Decoratif in Montreal, Canada and the Die Neue Sammlung in Munich, Germany.

Many who have worked with Massimo describe his personality as being outgoing, candid, and charismatic. He is very passionate and sometimes aggressive against designers who create work that is one dimensional and shallow in nature.

Lella Vignelli: Massimo Vignelli’s Partner in Life and in the World of Design

While Massimo Vignelli acts as the idea generator at Vignelli Associates, his wife, Lella is the design company’s stabilizer. Lella Vignelli personality is described as being more grounded, clever, driven, reserved, realistic, and extremely practical. Her training is in three dimensional architecture, and includes the practical side of how a design works on paper to its completion. Mrs. Vignelli has always been one step ahead of deadlines and budgets, and understands how to interact well with the outside world. Lella serves as editor and critic, by fine tuning ideas and using the best ones to fit a design concept.

Since their marriage in 1957 the Vignellis have always worked as partners. The Vignelli’s main concept is to use their talents to design the world in more innovative ways, and will be on display at the Vignelli Center for Design Studies at RIT, in Rochester NY, which allows design students to get an in depth look at the progression of American design. Since 2000 Vignellis have moved their office to their home, and are conducting lectures, workshops, and critiques worldwide. A print and e-book version of the Vignelli Canon are now available, for anyone who’s looking for designing inspiration. The Vignelli office nurtures their design students, and still operates at full speed for diverse clients. For their accomplishments, the Vignellis have been selected to receive the AIGA Gold Medal for 1982.

DIY Bedroom – Build Your Own Log Bed

rustic log bed

Feeling handy? Want the ultimate in rustic bedroom design? How about a log bed? But, you ask, how are log beds made?

A log bed is a type of bed frame built totally from logs, which are cut and shaped to tie jointly with no any nails or screws. In the early periods log beds were produced from cross rails and a mattress used to top them. Contemporary log beds embrace a box spring in addition to a mattress, and thus there is no need for cross rails. Below are the steps required to make a log bed. Don’t feel like building one and you are happy to buy someone else’s handywork? Check out this great selection of log beds for sale!

Select which logs you will make use of!
The most excellent selection is a log that taken from a fire-killed standing lifeless tree. A wildfire sets on fire trees that are diseased to the ground; however, lets healthy trees lifeless but still standing. Hence, your probabilities of having good logs are greatest from these trees. In addition, fire-killed wood drops its bark, so that it will help save your time when you begin building.

Cut the logs to the dimensions you require for bed.
Saw 90 cm (2 3-feet) posts and 1.2 m (2 4-feet) posts to make the ends and the legs of the footboard and headboard. The posts ought to be cut from big, strong logs. Saw four rails to divide the posts. Cut spindles to put b/n the rails of the footboard and headboard. Arrange four bed rails to join the foot post to the head post on each side.

Take away the bark and give shape for the logs with drawknives.
Drawknives are blades with two handles, which you set in opposition to the wood and drag toward you. A bent drawknife eliminates bark and a straight one helps to shape the log.

Make tenons in the spindles and rails.
You are able to accomplish this using a drawknife, nevertheless, it is simpler to perform with a tenon maker that fastens to a drill and operates similar to a huge pencil sharpener.

Carve out mortises with forstner bits and a drill
Frostner bits are useful to drill holes that are flat-bottomed and big enough to embrace tenons.
o Mortises for the headboard ought to be sliced at 23 cm (9 inches) and 1.1 m (44 inches) from the floor. In the case of the footboard, the mortises are sliced at 23 cm (9 inches) and 80 cm (32 inches).
o Spindle mortises are sliced therefore the spindles will be uniformly spaced.
o Mortises in the case of the bottom bed rail are pierced at 13 cm (5 inches) above the floor in every four posts. The mortises in the case of the top bed rail are pierced at 33 cm (13 inches) from the floor.

Having finished the preparation of all the parts of the bed the next step would be assembling of the bed.

Assemble the bed!

• Put together a metal eye hook to every post at 30 cm (12 inches) above the floor.
• Attach cables diagonally b/n the bedposts by means of the eye hooks.
• Notch every of the top bed rails close to the foot and head therefore the box spring shall fit strongly on them with no slipping.
• Tarnish the bed to guard the wood.
• Top this log bed using the mattress and box spring.

Kitchen Ideas For the Rustic Modern Home

rustic modern kitchen

The words rustic and modern would never have seemed like they would go together, but as it turns out, rustic modern design is one of the most growing trends in interior design. The new trend or rustic modern kitchens shows how they can both be combined to create a beautiful look. There are many ways you can incorporate rustic and modern elements to your kitchen. Here are a few tips and ideas. Also be sure to check out the Rustic Paradise pinboard on my Pinterest page! Lots of great ideas there!

Modern Cabinets
Installing sleek and modern cabinets in a rustic or traditional kitchen can balance out the rustic and modern elements. Minimalistic cabinets in white, dark wood, black, or grey can give a modern touch to your kitchen. Look for cabinets that have very clean lines and futuristic hardware.

Rustic Touches
If your kitchen seem s to modern and lacks some rustic or country touches you can add them through your accessories and final touches. You can add items such as hay rakes, logs, wicker baskets, wood pieces, and vintage style wooden furniture. Display a collection of vintage plates or tea cups to add some rustic charm to your decor.

Wooden Counter tops
Another excellent way to add a rustic touch to your kitchen is through wooden counter tops. They are a big trend in home decor and are very durable and easy to clean. Dark wood countertops with white cabinets can create a beautiful contrast in your kitchen.

Modern Appliances
Adding high-tech and sleek appliances will add a contemporary feel to your kitchen and make your life easier. Purchase state of the art stainless steel appliances to create this look. Add convenience to your home through built in mixers, microwaves, televisions, and touch screen controllers.

Display your Cooking Items
Add warmth to your modern kitchen by displaying your pots and pans or other cooking items. Install a pot rack above your kitchen island. You can also hang your cooking utensils on the wall near your stove. You can also hang metal containers or buckets from your wall and store utensils and other items in plain view. You can also open up your cabinets so your plates and cups are displayed.

Trendy Accent Furniture
Keep up with the latest trend by adding some trendy accent furniture to your kitchen. Add some metal bar stools to your island or breakfast table. You can also add a modern pendant lamp or chandelier to update the look of your kitchen.

Whiteboards and Bead boards
A big trend in modern rustic decor is the use of whiteboards and bead boards in ceilings and walls. Create a rustic atmosphere by decorating your ceiling with whiteboards. This will also make your ceilings look higher. You can also decorate your kitchen walls with bead boards to give it a homely look.

What Kind of Rugs are Safe For the Bathroom?

bamboo bath mat

Finding the right eco-friendly bathroom rugs or mats can be a difficult choice. However, once you know what to look for and what to avoid, it can be so much easier to find the right bathroom rug. There are a few things to keep in mind when deciding on what kind of an Eco-friendly bathroom rug to purchase.

Here are some rugs that are safe for the bathroom:


Bamboo is great because it is a highly renewable resource. Bamboo is actually a type of grass that grows back very quickly. Most people think that it is a tree, however, bamboo is not a tree. However, if you have sensitive feet, this might not be the right type of mat for you. The reason, is because it tends to be a harder material.


Cork is another highly renewable resource. It is a very lightweight material. You will also find that you never have to clean it, and if you are a person who deals with allergies, you will never have to deal with allergies because there is no mold. Cork is a particularly good choice because like bamboo, cork is taken off of trees. However, do not worry because it does not hurt the trees.


This is a splendid type of mat because it gives your bathroom a nice style. It offers a unique color that is going to stand out. It will help to give your washroom that spa-like appeal. Teak is flexible and durable, so you will have it for a long time.


This is one of the most common green bath rugs. The reason this is such a good choice, is because it is soft underneath your feet, and cotton is one of those materials that dries extremely quickly. These mats are also easy to clean. Just put them in the washer, and you will find that they clean very easily.

These are some of the more eco-friendly rugs that are a good choice. If you are looking for a rug that is safe for the environment, and still has a massive appeal, then these are some of the rugs that you may want to consider.

Is a Loft Bed Right For Your Bedroom Space?

loft bed

When designing that perfect, eco-friendly bedroom space, it can be hard to decide how you’ll arrange your room to save space and money. However, one of the easiest methods that money savers are finding to save in the bedroom is through the use of loft beds. Loft beds are much like bunk beds, except the “bottom bunk” is nonexistent, and instead, there is a desk or another similar, useful amenity. Loft beds are definitely an interesting idea, but is it a good idea for you to invest in one?

Most loft beds come with small desks underneath them which can easily make them apply to college students. Many college students are often interested in finding eco-friendly ways to arrange their small living quarters, and loft beds are perfect additions to these small spaces. They can act as their primary sleeping arrangement, while also serving as a place for their desktop computer, books, and other possessions. Of course, the space beneath a loft bed can also serve well as a spot for doing homework and other types of work.

Loft beds are also especially useful in small rooms in general. If you find that you don’t have much space to work with in a bedroom, a loft bed can really cut down on the amount of space that your belongings need to take up. A loft might not be of much use in a large bedroom, but they may add to the positive aesthetic appearance, if anything.

Parents also find that loft beds are great components to children’s rooms. Children’s rooms tend to be smaller than their parents’ rooms or the other master bedroom in the home. Because of this, it’s more logical to save space in these smaller bedrooms.

For the eco-friendly, ultimate space savers, loft beds are definitely the way to go. Even if you don’t plan to use the bottom half of the loft bed for activities, they can still serve as great places to store items that you would have trouble storing if you didn’t have the extra space. Don’t neglect to check one of these beds out to see if it’s a good buy for you!

How To Care For and Clean Fabric Headboards

fabric headboards

Fabric headboards can be a beautiful addition to your home décor, as they add an elegant touch to any bedroom. The problem is that although upholstered headboards look modern and sleek in any bedroom, they can be tricky when it comes to cleaning. There are several things you can do to keep them clean and free from bacteria , dust, and mites. Here are some expert recommendations for you

Fabric headboards can be a trap for dust particles and allergens. Wiping them down will not get rid of these pesky particles that can aggravate allergies. The best way to get rid of these particles is by vacuuming your headboard regularly. You can do this using the attachment on your vacuum cleaner. You can also purchase a handheld vacuum to make this job easier. To prevent dust from accumulating and reduce allergies, vacuum it at least once a week.

You want to keep your fabric headboard clean and in pristine condition all the time. The problem is that many times they will become stained with makeup, dirt, and grime. A good way to prevent stains from becoming permanent is to spray it with a fabric protector spray, such as ScotchGard, to make these stains easy to wipe off.

Removing Stains
No matter how careful you are, your upholstered headboard is bound to be stained at some point. Removing a stain from it can seem like an impossible task, but, it can be done with patience and the right products. Use a clean towel and oxygen cleaner or stain remover to gently remove the stain. It might require several attempts before it is fully removed. If you have a steam cleaner in your house it can be idea for removing the stain.

Regular Cleaning
To maintain them in good condition, you want to do a daily wipe down and cleaning. You can do this by purchasing some fabric wipes or using a clean towel and just gently wiping down the headboard. This will prevent dust accumulation and make it easier for you when you do deep clean. You can also purchase a small broom or brush to brush off dirt.