Bamboo Tree Shoji Screen


The skills used to make these Bamboo Tree Shoji Screens include hand-painting, hand-rubbed lacquering, and hand-tooling. We are proud to support them in their quest to keep their age-old techniques alive for future generations. Many of the artists are hired out of semi-retirement to work from home training the next generation to become master craftsmen. These masters are highly respected in their craft of making these Bamboo Tree Shoji Screens and their culture which have survived through many Chinese dynasties and continue to produce valuable and desirable shoji screen room dividers for your home.

Eco Modern Storage Tribeca Bookcase

eco modern storage tribeca bookcase

These eco friendly shelves have a streamlined look that’s at home with many different styles. Use them to display a collection of teddy bears in a kids room or to display and store your book collection. The bookcase can also act as a space divider in any room. The divider boards are aligned in the middle and can be adhered in place or simply positioned anywhere for a variety of custom designs! Best of all, the Eco Modern Storage Tribeca Bookcase is made from sustainable and recycled materials.

Recycled Teak Outdoor Dining Table


Bring eco-friendly style to any outdoor setting with this sleek and stylish rectangular dining table. Super-sturdy and built to last, even in strong winds you won’t have to worry about your table blowing away. All weather, resistant to all types of weather conditions including rain, snow, salt water, sun and ice. The recycled teak table contains UV-inhibited pigment systems that reduces fading. That means that the table top does not absorb moisture and will not rot, splinter or crack. This fabulous deck and patio table is large enough to seat six adults and has an umbrella hole in the middle.

IKEA Recalls SULTAN HEIDAL Spring Mattress


June 2010 – December 2010
For violation of the federal mattress flammability standard.
If you have a SULTAN HEIDAL spring mattress purchased between June 2007 and April 2010 from supplier # 20520, you should immediately stop using the mattress and contact your local IKEA store to return it for a replacement mattress or a full refund.

Due to a production error a number of SULTAN HEIDAL spring mattresses do not meet the mandatory federal open flame standard for mattresses. The affected mattresses have date stamps 0725 through 1014 (YYWW) and were produced by IKEA supplier #20520. The date stamp and supplier number is located on a label attached to the mattress. No other SULTAN products are affected.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. For more information, call IKEA toll-free at: (888) 966-4532.

Starfrit Eco-Chef Recycled Frying Pan

recycled frying pan

We love this Starfrit Eco-Chef Recycled Frying Pan! What a great idea for aluminum waste. The surface is made of ceramic powder which is 100% from natural source on top of 99% recycled aluminum. It has an easy to hold bamboo handle. It’s non-stick surface is durable and easy to clean and the recycled cookware’s satin finish brushed exterior with clear coating prevents stains.

Naturemill Composter

naturemill composter

This is the ideal gift idea for someone who you know wants to make the most of their organic kitchen waste. At just over $200 – it’s an extravagant gift, but one that will keep giving back for years to come. The Naturemill composter is the ideal way to get your gift recipient churning out their own rich soil easily and with no odor. It mixes automatically and has a slim profile perfect for tucking in a kitchen cabinet. The home composter can handle up to 80lbs (36 kg) capacity per month. It’s not rated for rain or snow, but can be used outdoors in a covered location, so keep it out on the covered balcony.

God Hates Bags Organic Tote

god hates bags

We absolutely love the two-fold message of this handy little tote! First message: Save the environment by taking your own re-usable bags out shopping! Plastic bags are one of the most wasteful by-products of our plastic obsessed society, and their use should be illegal! (Plastic bag bans are becoming more prevalent.) The other message that we love about this bag, is it’s satirical jab at homophobic bigt, Fred Phelps, whose God Hates Fags campaign spreads its hateful message all across the country. This God Hates Bags bag, by Revel & Riot, points out just how ridiculous Fred Phelps and his mindless followers are, and it points out that plastic bags are pretty evil too!


This is a cool idea if you want to give your bathroom a modern futuristic feel. The specially designed high quality LED faucet with three beautiful colors works in that the water flow automatically changes the color with the temperature changed. The light only works while the faucet is open and when the water is 0~30℃ – it glows blue; when it is 30~40℃ it glows green; and when the water is hotter, at around 41~50℃, it glows red.
Durable ceramic valves on this LED faucet ensure a service life of more than 600,000 times that of a regular faucet.


Bamboo is one of the best renewable materials in the world, what with it being 16% harder than maple and 1/3 the weight of oak. That makes bamboo one of the most superior materials that can be used to make cutting boards. This great-looking cutting board is not only ecologically friendly, it also resists both moisture and scratching for an easy to clean and maintain cutting surface.


The simple teardrop vessel from Crafted Systems is the kind of eco-friendly item that looks great anywhere. Beautifully crafted and designed, the =interlocked wool squares are elegant without being over-designed. The vessel is made by women at the YWCA shelter in Portland, Oregon, to “economically enabling and empowering them.” The bowls, vases, and rugs are made from natural wool using die-cut and water jet-cut technologies — and no two are exactly alike.