Eco-Friendly Winterizing Home Tips

house winterizing

Winter is approaching, and there’s no better time than the present to get your house ready for the cold weather. Efficient winterizing can save you hundreds of dollars on your heating bills, as well as lowering your energy footprint. Here are some handy, eco-friendly ideas on how to keep your home warm and green this winter season.

Huge amounts of heat can be lost through old or improperly installed windows and doors. By installing new storm doors and windows, you can save 45% on your energy bill.

Install a permanent furnace filter to reduce energy waste and to keep the air in your home clean.

Weatherstripping windows is a great way to keep the heat in – some people even use bubble wrap, as the air bubbles provide even more insulation against the cold outside.

Attach door sweeps to all outside doors. You’d be amazed at the amount of heat that can escape from even the smallest space beneath the door.

If you live near the country, purchase some hay bales and stack them around the foundation of your house.

Inspect and repair the duct work in your home. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, a home can lose up to 60% of its heated air before that air reaches the vents if ductwork is not well-connected and insulated.

Eco-Friendly Inflatable Blow Sofa


We love innovation, and this inflatable paper sofa is the very definition of innovation!

This crazy (and somewhat fragile looking) couch is made from 100% recycled paper dunnage bags and its outfitted with a metal rack and rubber straps. You could bring this inflatable seating with you anywhere while its flat, you just inflate it at your destination! Each section can be personalized with a pen – which might lead to something great, or something awful, depending on your artistic abilities.

Antique Barn Wood Flooring

antique barn wood floor

Reclaimed barn wood flooring has been taken and recycled using wood from old barns. The look of a reclaimed floor is the natural result of a couple hundred years (in some cases – wood must be at least 100 years old to be called antique) of weathering. Reclaimed and recycled hardwood floors are excellent and beautiful sustainable elements that can add the authentic rustic character to your home.

Antique barn wood flooring usually comes from the more common reclaimed species in the mid-Atlantic/Northeastern U.S. such as Antique Oak, Antique White Pine, Antique Yellow Pine and Antique Maple, and from some of the rarer reclaimed woods like Antique American Chestnut, Antique Hickory and Antique Heartpine.

Kauai Bamboo Cutting Board

bamboo cutting board

Not only do these bamboo cutting boards look amazing, they are super eco-friendly! are the hottest thing to happen in kitchenware. Bamboo is an incredible material and one of the oldest natural resources in the world. Structurally harder than Maple, Bamboo is a member of the grass family and doesn’t need the care that most wood boards require – plus they last an average of 10 years . Bamboo boards are lightweight and can double as serving trays. The hard surface means fewer nicks and slices that harbor bacteria.

Recycled Enviro-Fiber Hammock


Perfect for the backyard, camping site, vacation spots or wherever you want to lounge outdoors. The traditional southern style rope hammock is now available in a durable and comfortable recycled netting that starts out as soda bottles! Each hammock is hand-woven at a rural Virginia production facility. These expertly formulated ropes are guaranteed to last for several seasons of use. The Recycled Enviro-Fiber Hammock invites you to luxuriously lounge in your backyard while also helping the environment that you enjoy so much.