Flowerhouse Greenhouse

flowerhouse greenhouse

Don’t limit your greenthumbs just to work in the spring and summer! This Flowerhouse Greenhouse gives you an effective and convenient way to protect your shrubs and perennials against the damages of winter conditions. The Flowerhouse Greenhouse has a large zippered door that allows for easy access and the large screen door creates optimum ventilation and pest protection. The protection and stabilizing affect of the greenhouse create the perfect environment for the hardening of your beloved plants. Constructed with UV resistant, weatherproof material, the Flowerhouse Greenhouse are extremely durable so you can be sure your plants are well taken care of.

Cedar Dog House

cedar dog house

If you love your dog as much as I do, a great home like this Cedar Dog House would certainly be one way to show it. The Cedar Dog House has plenty of room to accommodate dogs of almost all sizes and it features weather barrier doors and a gable window to let in a lot of light. A plexiglass window slides open or closed to increase or decrease air circulation. Hinges on the roof allow for simple cleaning, which you canine friend will surely appreciate. The Cedar Dog House is a beautiful and charming little house that your dog will cherish and love to spend time in.

Media Tower In Maple

media tower in maple

If you love to display your cd and movie collection like a badge of honor, than this is the media storage solution for you. With a simple and utilitarian design, this Media Tower In Maple will compliment any home decor. The Media Tower In Maple can hold a massive amount of items – 1080 CD or 504 DVD or 576 Blu-ray. The tower also comes with wall anchors, a wide base for balance, and metal pins to secure shelving in place. This tower is not limited to display media either, so you can also store your favorite memorabilia, electronics, or collectibles.

Designer Litter Box Enclosure

designer litter box enclosure

Litterboxes are pretty much the worst thing about owning cats. They usually look terrible, and I don’t have to mention the issue of dealing with its contents. When I saw this Designer Litter Box Enclosure I thought it was such a smart idea. This is a perfect way to keep your litter box concealed as it looks like a regular piece of furniture. The Designer Litter Box Enclosure is made with high-quality wood pieces and even has built-in storage for your litter accessories. Simply put this is a great product that prevents you from having to compromise on the look of your living space. Owning cats is no longer a drag!

Jonathan Adler Flush Mount Light

jonathan adler flush mount light

The Jonathan Adler Flush Mount Light is a one of a kind lighting fixture that’s sure to brighten up your home. This unique and decorative light has a beautiful frosted white shade with a grid-like metal cover finished in a deep patina bronze. The contrast between the white and the bronze create a stunning lighting fixture that will add style and personality to any room. The Jonathan Adler Flush Mount Light is well designed and made with high-quality materials. You can’t really go wrong with this product.

Smoon Eco-Friendly Light

smoon eco friendly light

I just discovered Smoon lighting. Here is a product description written by them: “Like the moon, a natural source of nocturnal light, Nomad smoon is mobile”. I couldn’t have said that better myself. The Smoon eco-friendly light works like a mobile phone. When charged it works for 6 to 8 hours, wherever you wish, from your living room to your terrace even in your swimming pool. Yes – IN your swimming pool! Smoon is sensitive, too. To switch it on or off, just touch it. Smoon is unbreakable. LED light lifetime is about 20 years.

Modern Agatha Suspension Lamp

modern agatha suspension lamp

The ultra cool modern Agatha Suspension Lamp has been seen in some of the swankiest rooms in the world. The suspension pendant whose shape springs from the concentric super-imposition of a triangular-shaped modular base is constructed from wood veneers and available in American white , Beech, Yellow, Orange, Red, Green, and my favourite Grey.

Kartell Maui Armchair

kartell maui armchair

The Kartell Maui Armchair has an easy going appeal, with a wide variety of colors and design options, the versatility of this chair makes it suitable for both commercial and residential uses. Made with chrome-plated steel structure and a gently flared polypropylene seat, the practicality and appearance of the Kartell Maui Armchair make it an easy choice for people wanting style and function. The Kartell Maui Armchair is ideal for offices, classrooms, conference room or even home offices.

Magis Chair Set

magis chair set

The Magis Chair Set is an updated and playful take on traditional seating. It’s name comes from the innovative air moulding process that is used to produce it. Air moulding produces chairs that are super durable so the Magis Chair Set is perfect for outdoor use. Designed with a minimalist frame and vibrant colors, the Magis Chair Set will look great in virtually any setting. Perfect for outdoor use, the Magis Chair Set neatly stacks up to ten high for easy storage.

Kartell Spoon Chair

kartell spoon chair

The Kartell Spoon Chair works on a lot of different levels. It’s serves a function, it’s ultra comfortable, and it looks great. These are important qualities for any office environment, and this chair easily meets all of these requirements. The chair is a breeze to use. It’s moves nicely and easily adjusts to various table heights. The Kartell Spoon Chair provides superior comfort for long days, and truly adds a lot style to any environment it’s in. The combination of angles and curves make this chair a real standout and it’s quality will serve you well for many years to come.