Kartell La Bohème Stool

kartell la boheme stool

Famed designer Phillipe Starck and Kartell have come together to form the exquisite La Bohème Stools, which draw their inspiration from the curves of vases. The Kartell La Bohème Stool is made of polycarbonate, which is very durable, and functional enough to seat people indoor or out. Available in six vivid colors, the Kartell La Bohème Stool is a perfect way to add charm to the garden, balcony, kitchen, or living room.

Kartell Modular Shelves

kartell modular shelves

Style, storage, and possibilities. That’s what you get with the Kartell Modular Shelves. This innovative system of modular shelving allows for endless storage configurations. You can let your imagination run wild and assemble these shelves exactly to your own liking. The Kartell Modular Shelves are easily assembled without the need for tools, screws or pins. All you need is some simple pressure. You can also use the Kartell Modular Shelves as a room divider. A totally versatile piece, full of possibilities these Kartell Modular Shelves are welcome additions to dorm rooms, kid’s rooms, bedroom, offices, and many more areas.

Medium High Bunk Bedroom Set

medium high bunk bedroom set

KIds love bunk beds. And parents love that they save space. The Medium High Bunk Bedroom Set is no exception and offers great unisex style for siblings of any age. The Medium High Bunk Bedroom Set is a quality crafted piece and is something your kids can enjoy for many years to come. The rock solid construction makes this Medium High Bunk Bedroom Set ultra sturdy and your kids will love the comfort and fun that it provides.

Leather Daybed with Trundle

leather daybed with trundle

Perfect for those out-of-town guests, this Leather Daybed with Trundle maximizes space and provides sleeping comfort for two. The Leather Daybed with Trundle features an elegant, modern design and can easily fit into a range of home decor. With gently sleighed arms and extra padding on the back and sides for extra comfort, this Leather Daybed with Trundle is a winning design that is super useful and looks fantastic.

Splitback Futon Chair

splitback futon chair

The Splitback Futon Chair oozes with modern style. If you want to add some pop sensibility and chic elegance to your living space, one of these chairs will do the trick. The Splitback Futon Chair has a split-level construction which gives you four different seating styles, each providing a unique dimension of comfort and fashion. Constructed with an industrial steel frame and stainless steel legs, the Splitback Futon Chair is built to last.

Doggie Raincoat

doggie raincoat

Keep your dog dry and happy with this adorable Doggie Raincoat. Made of breathable, waterproof nylon, the Doggie Raincoat gives your pup all the protection and comfort it needs during those wet days. The Doggie Raincoat comes equipped with a removable fleece liner so you can have options depending on the weather. The Doggie Raincoat comes with a collar ring which makes attaching a leash a snap, and it also has elastic leg cords to keep the coat snug to your dog’s body.

Eco-Friendly Daybed with Storage

eco friendly daybed with storage

This Eco-Friendly Daybed with Storage has a distinct modern flavor and lets you lounge in style. The Eco-Friendly Daybed with Storage is perfect for creating a hip, restful escape and will easily fit into most contemporary home decor. The pillows are covered in a beautiful cream finish that contrasts nicely off the rich Cappuccino finish of the daybed. Not only does this Eco-Friendly Daybed with Storage provide you with a place to rest, it also comes with a shelf unit for storage.

Embroidered Duvet Cover

embroidered duvet cover

I personally love having a collection of different duvets because you can switch them up and create different looks in the bedroom. This Embroidered Duvet Cover is certainly one worth having in a collection as its beautiful design and delicate details create a soft and comforting looking bed. Made of 100% cotton percale fabric, the Embroidered Duvet Cover is made of the highest quality and comes in twin, queen, and king sizes.

Ultrasuede Dog Jacket

ultrasuede dog jacket

This simple Ultrasuede Dog Jacket is perfect for those fall or spring days when you out with your dog on a walk. The Ultrasuede Dog Jacket has a little pocket so you can carry treats or small dog-walking essentials. The coat is made with ultrasuede fabric and has a bright red corduroy trim and collar. The Ultrasuede Dog Jacket is also hand-washable, so cleaning is a snap!

Alaskan Dog Coat

alaskan dog coat

If you want to protect your dog from the biting cold of winter and do it in style, then the Alaskan Dog Coat has your pup’s name on it. Made with a fur hood and winter liner, this Alaskan Dog Coat will surely handle anything mother nature has in store. The Alaskan Dog Coat comes equipped with a collar ring to easily attach a leash and its adjustable waist makes it easy to fit nicely to your dog.