Alessi Tonale Dinnerware Collection

alessi tonale dinnerware collection

The Alessi Tonale Dinnerware Collection is a classic, beautiful and earth-toned dinnerware set that combines elegance and simplicity. Designed by established designer David Chipperfield, the Alessi Tonale Dinnerware Collection is made of stoneware and is dishwasher and microwave safe. This dinnerware collection will be the perfect backdrop for your wonderful cooking creations and its stoneware finish adds a layer of warmth and comfort to your dining experience.

Bronze Patina Chandelier

bronze patina chandelier

I love me some Chandeliers, and laying my eyes upon the Bronze Patina Chandelier only confirms this love affair. Designed by David Easton’s, the Uppark Collection features revolutionary designs with contemporary appeal. If you’re looking for a showpiece for a room in your home, or if you’re looking to jazz up a retail or restaurant space, the bronze Patina Chandelier will easily fill those boots and more. The Patina Chandelier holds seven lights and the bronze finish covers a solid brass base.

New Pot Flowerpot

new pot flowerpot

What can you say about a flowerpot? Well for starters, the New Pot Flowerpot stands impressively tall and will proudly host your larger plants. The New-Pot collection also features a variety of bold colors so your plants won’t be able to steal the whole spotlight. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, the durable and well constructed new pot flowerpot can suit all your plant design needs.

New Pot Flowerpot Light

new pot flowerpot light

For all those people who want to bring attention to their beloved plants, or for the home decor enthusiast, the New-Pot Flowerpot Light is just the ticket! Beautifully combining functionality and aesthetic sensibility the New-Pot Flowerpot Light will surely get people talking. Designed by Paolo Rizzatto, and available in several colors, this flowerpot light can be used indoors or outdoors and features an energy saving lamp.

Modern Floor Lamp

ilium floor lamp

This Ilium Floor Lamp takes an elegant approach to lighting. Made with beautiful ribbed glass and a polished steel base, this modern floor lamp will surely give your house another level of sophistication. The beauty of this lamp is created by the interplay between the opal white color of the inner diffuser and the transparency of the outer diffuser. Together this two create a lovely twinkling effect and create a wonderful ambience for any room in your house.

Flaska Modern Lamp

flaska modern lamp

The Flaska Table/Floor Lamp is definitely not your regular old lamp. This unique product will certainly catch people’s attention and bring a lot of character to your home. The Flaska Modern Lamp features a blown glass diffuser with a hallow detail and looks just as great on the floor as it does on your dining room table. The lamp comes in a variety of different styles including a smoked black with red hollow, smoked white with red hollow, and clear crystal with white hollow. Get all three and have a plethora of design options.

Tronconi Dox Wall Lamp

tronconi dox wall lamp

I might have to order myself a couple of these! The Tronconi Dox Wall Lamp is a unique and ultra modern approach to lighting. Appealing to people of all ages, the Dox Wall Lamp will make a bold statement in any room of your home or office. Available in several different finishes, the Tronconi Dox Wall Lamp is made of a durable satin opal Plexiglas and varnished in a polyurethane body.

Kundalini Eco-Friendly Wall Sconce

kundalini eco friendly wall sconce

When that room of your home or office needs that extra little something, try the Kundalini Eco-Friendly Wall Sconce. This creative lighting product will add flare and style to any wall of your home. Designed by Zaha Hadid, the eco-friendly wall scounce is well built using a chrome-plated metal structure. The Kundalini wall sconce comes in am elegant white finish.

lego architecture series frank lloyd wright

The Lego Architecture Series by Frank Lloyd Wright has taken Lego to a whole new dimension. Lego is universally known for it’s wide appeal that spans all ages, and this new series is sure to excite people the world over. Perfect for the aspiring architect, die-hard fans of the Lego brand, or for professional architects themselves, the Lego Architecture Series is the perfect piece to showoff your talents while being a great focal point to any room of your house. The set includes a booklet full of details about the building’s design and history plus facts about the tower.

Kundalini Cylindrical Table Lamp

kundalini cylindrical table lamp

Time to replace that lava lamp and get up to date with this chic and modern looking table lamp from Kundalini. Designed by Norman Foster, its glossy white finish adds a touch of pizazz to any room or office. The Kundalini Cylindrical Table lamp will light up any room with its style and simplistic design. Also available in an acid etched version.