Organic Ornament Collection

organic ornament collection

Truly unique and modern, this organic collection of holiday decorations will suit any. This Organic Ornament Collection is printed by hand with non-toxic, water-based, eco-friendly inks on a premium fabric made from hemp and blended with organic cotton. Filled with spun and recycled plastic bottles, any one of these ornaments will look fabulous on your tree.

Eco Friendly Holiday Tree Skirt

eco friendly holiday tree skirt

It only makes sense to have an eco-friendly and environmentally conscious holiday season. This Eco Friendly Holiday Tree Skirt is embellished with a blanket of fallen pine needles and will show off your good taste and last for years to come. Crafted of hemp and blended with organic cotton, filled with spun and recycled plastic bottles and printed by hand with non-toxic, water-based, eco-friendly inks on a premium fabric made from hemp and blended with organic cotton.

Super Modern Round Fireplace

super modern round fireplace

Very futuristic, this super modern Round Fireplace has a distinctive and unique style that you have been searching for in a fireplace. This wall-mounted conversation piece will bring modern style to any room in your home. Again, no chimney required. Complete the look with a stylish tool set and log basket! The future is here with this super modern round fireplace!

Fireplace with Accessories Set

fireplace with accessories set

Bring your fireplace up to date with these exciting and sleek fireplace accessories. They not only tidy up, organize, and promote safety but they also offer a contemporary design which is a departure from old and timeworn designs of many traditional fireplace sets. With your choice of a stainless steel 5 piece fireplace set, wood basket and two different stainless steel and glass fire screens to choose from, the Fireplace with Accessories Set is sure to accentuate the decor in your home. You get it all in one handy package.

Modern Fire Wood Rack

modern fire wood rack

Perfect for any contemporary decor and an excellent accent piece for dens and studies, the stainless steel Modern Fire Wood Rack cleans up in a sleek, clean manner. Think creatively and use as a magazine or book holder.

Freestanding Fireplace

freestanding fireplace

This freestanding fireplace is modern, intimate and cozy all at once. Whether in your living room, bedroom, or bathroom, this freestanding fireplace is sure to provide a captivating ambience. Avoid the troublesome installation and maintenance of a traditional fireplace with this chic one. Since this innovative fireplace burns on denatured alcohol and doesn’t require a chimney, you avoid having to clean the pesky mess a traditional fireplace leaves behind.

Stainless Steel Floor Fireplace

stainless steel floor fireplace

It is that time of year again when we’re turning on our fireplaces. You don’t even need a real chimney for this modern fireplace.The Stainless Steel Floor Fireplace will bring the warmth of the family hearth out into the open. With a true minimalist aesthetic, the flames are surrounded by glass and steel in an open design, letting more enjoy the heat. The stainless steel floor fireplace provides an eye-catching background.

C’Mere Hand Hook

cmere hand hook

While I’m not totally sure how I feel about this realistic Hand Hook, it is eye-catching and superbly detailed. The double-take C’Mere Hand Hook is an expertly detailed cast of the designer’s hand in resin. Easily wall-mountable, the C’Mere Hand Hook extends a helpful index finger for coats, hats, keys and all those miscellaneous items that sometimes find themselves on the floor.

Luxury Settee

luxury settee

This Settee is an elegant version of a loveseat. Plop yourself down in the lap of luxury with this Luxury Settee. This stunning piece of furniture is amazingly gorgeous, unbelievably comfortable, and masterfully constructed. Featuring a graphic printed fabric and a unique design, this Luxury Settee will fit perfectly in any decor.

teak cariboo crib sofa conversion kit

A perfect place for your child to develop his or her love of reading. The Teak Cariboo Crib Sofa Conversion Kit creates the perfect environment for the continued use as a sofa for children. It’s the ultimate means of environmental consciousness – from the continued use for years to come, right down to the sustainable Radiate pine finished with biodegradable earth-friendly finishes. A sound eco alternative.