Hemp Yoga Mat Bag

hemp yoga mat bag

Made from environmentally friendly hemp, this Hemp Yoga Mat Bag is for yoga enthusiasts who demand style and sustainability. Hemp is a very strong and durable material, and repeated use will only soften this bag.

Modern Mirrored Glass Pendant Light

modern mirrored glass pendant light

Sometimes choosing innovative materials such as stone, bamboo or silk, these choices are a result of a very clear philosophy: these creations are never casual, nor simply follow the rules of the market. This stunning Modern Mirrored Glass Pendant Light is no exception. The result is an elegant and extensive collection made up of objects that are suited to a range of environments from minimalist homes that need a strong decorative element, to offices and home offices that require effective, elegant lighting.

Santa’s Sleigh Cat Scratcher

santas sleigh cat scratcher

Give your cat a healthy alternative! Provides your cat with a natural scratching surface to keep their claws honed and healthy. This corrugated honeycomb mimics the texture of real tree bark, so your cat will naturally be drawn to it instead of your furniture. This holiday themed Santa’s Sleigh Cat Scratcher features a surface to scratch, sleep and play – in one compact design. Made from 30% recycled material – 100% recyclable!

Wood Rain Barrel

wood rain barrel

Most Rain Barrels that are available these days are plastic. This Wood Rain Barrel is much more environmentally friendly than a plastic rain barrel, as well as more attractive. It is made from FSC Certified spruce wood, and even comes with a solid brass tap. All in all, this Wood Rain Barrel is a beautiful product and high quality.

Adirondack Chair Seat Cushion

adirondack chair seat cushion

Adirondack Chairs are timeless and attractive on their own. Now you can add comfort to your Adirondack with these attractive Seat Cushions. There are 3 lines, their Linen, Canvas and Striped Line, and come in a plethora of vibrant colours like chili, sesame, salsa, pacific blue and forest green to name a few.

Eco Green Latex Pillow

eco green latex pillow

This pillow is made from natural latex, it’s 100% eco friendly, is recommended by orthopedic specialists and chiropractors and conforms to head and neck shape. The traditional pillow design promotes comfort in any sleep position, and will allow you to sleep through the night and wake up rejuvenated. The Eco Green Latex Pillow provides a consistent, relaxed feel.

Eco Hanging Pendant Light

eco hanging pendant light


Eco Friendly! (takes LED bulbs).
Energy Efficient.
Hanging Pendant Light.
Modern, industrial style.
Designed by: Lorenzo Bellini.
Available in several diffuser colors.
Chrome finish, metal and glass.
Diffused light.

eco chic sideboard

Create an organic oasis in any room by adding beautiful, natural bamboo. Bamboo is a highly fibrous grass that on average is harder than most types of wood, including hardwood, and as such is less affected by changes in humidity and temperature. Create a soft, organic and welcoming appeal with this Eco Chic Sideboard, which can be used as media storage in the family room or kitchen storage for dishes, cutlery, or textiles.

Bamboo Day Bed

bamboo day bed

Made of Botanical materials, like bamboo, and finished with a calming natural antique colour. The simple lines of the Solitude Bamboo Day Bed create a relaxing atmosphere for lounging. Due to the wild and beautiful nature of the product, every piece will be unique. Padma’s Plantation takes all the steps necessary to minimize cracking and splitting of these sustainable materials.

Alessi Salad Set

alessi salad set

A great housewarming gift or hostess gift, this Alessi Salad Set is made from polished mirror stainless steel, glass and stoneware. It comes with a big square Salad Bowl, rectangular serving tray, Condiment Set for oil and vinegar and Salad Servers. Any one who receives this gift will be impressed as Alessi only produces the finest.