Blu Dot Barbarella Console Table

blu dot barbarella console table

Just like the Barbarella Desk reviewed previously, the Blu Dot Barbarella Console Table is ultra hip and innovative. The open, exposed design of the Barbarella Collection showcases the straight-forward beauty of the materials and design. The console table is laser-cut perforated, ships flat and folds easily into shape.

Blu Dot Real Good Chair

blu dot real good chair

The Blu Dot Real Good Chair is just that. Real good! Dynamic and comfortable, and exceptionally thin, the Real Good Chair is actually quite sturdy. It’s a sort of “do it yourself” item, whereby the parts of the chair have laser-cut lines for easy assembly. It ships flat in an easy-to-carry box!

Blu Dot Desk 51

blu dot desk 51

You get an uncluttered surface, a keyboard tray, and striking design making the Blu Dot Desk 51 the perfect place to sit and write or work on your computer. The delightful color schemes add something exciting to a simple concept.

Blu Dot Barbarella Coffee Table

blu dot barbarella coffee table

The Barbarella collection from Blu Dot is ultra-hip and modern, and it makes you look and think twice. The open, exposed design of the Barbarella Collection showcases the straight-forward beauty of the materials and design. Coolest thing about the products in this collection? The Barbarella Square Coffee Table ships flat and folds easily into shape!

Blu Dot Sprout Cafe Table

blu dot sprout cafe table

Pure color and stainless steel mingle together in the Sprout Collection. What’s not to love about a sunny yellow table? The Blu Dot Sprout Cafe Table features a round top and matching stem with stainless steel legs available in bright yellow (as shown), ivory, or black – the color also peeks through the legs for a cheeky touch. This cafe table is great for small spaces. It’s perfect for smaller kitchens and dining rooms.

blu dot strut table and real good chair dining set

Both of these products, the Strut Table and Real Good Chair, have been reviewed both separately, and now since they come in a set, I thought it best to review them together! The Blu Dot Strut Table and Real Good Chair Dining Set team up for a boldly stylish dining room set. The super cool Strut Table comes in 4 groovy colours and the dynamic, comfortable, and impossibly thin, Real Good Chair sits happily alongside the Strut Table and is available in 4 even groovier colours.

Blu Dot

blu dot

The goal of Blu Dot is to bring good design to as many people as possible. Which means creating products that are useful, affordable, and desirable. To make that happen, their design process is founded on collaboration. Not just among themselves, as they play show-and-tell with concepts, but a total collaboration between pencil and paper, materials and machines, even packaging and assembly. Blu Dot’s designers like to think that the form is almost inevitable, a by-product of the process. Their job is simply to help it emerge as beautifully and as efficiently as possible.

Blu Dot was formed by three college friends – John Christakos, Charles Lazor, and Maurice Blanks, who shared a passion for art, architecture, and design. After they left college and began to furnish their first homes, they didn’t like the stuff they could afford and couldn’t afford the stuff they liked. They figured they were not alone and were naïve enough to try and do something about it. Blu Dot was born in 1997. Since then, the idea that good design is not just about beauty or form – it should also be about making our lives just a little easier and a little more enjoyable.

Allegro Vivace Ceiling Light

allegro vivace ceiling light

The Allegro Vivace Ceiling Light is ideal for creating the focal point of an environment, a task typically performed by conventional chandeliers, now achieved using different and truly original languages, materials, shapes and colors. There are many different finishes, styles, sizes and colors to match your specific needs. Simply beautiful design.

Designer Vase Floor Lamp

designer vase floor lamp

The Designer Vase Floor Lamp resembles a tall and thin vase. This fixture comes with a dimmer and is made of fiberglass fabric with yellow Kevlar or black carbon thread. If you are strapped for space, the narrow shape will not take up much room in your home.

Atelier Oi Designs

atelier oi designs

The tr(oi)ka was founded by Aurel Aebi, Armand Louis and Patrick Reymond in La Neuveville, Switzerland, in 1991 under the label Atelier Oi. The main elements that characterise the Atelier’s philosophy and work consist of its multidisciplinary nature. Orders come from the fields of architecture, design and scenography, and, most frequently, from between these different disciplines. Projects include developments for Wogg, Ribag, Roethlisberger, Swatch, B&B italia, and Desalto, among other clients. Invited to various design schools in Switzerland and abroad, they hold a teaching position in the design department of Ecal (University of Art and Design Lausanne, Switzerland). Check out their Allegro Vivace Ceiling Light and Allegro Ritmico Pendant Lamp for more information on what these designers do.