Rosenthal Moon White Coffee Pot

rosenthal moon white coffee pot

This is an excellent representative of contemporary purist design. It is now already one of the design classics at Rosenthal. This collection is suited to any family meal and quickly will become a centre piece on the table. Pairs well with the rest of the Rosenthal collection.

andy warhol by rosenthal campbells soup vase

The images selected for the Andy Warhol Collection combine some of the loveliest and rarest examples of Warhol’s genius with several of his best known portraits. Rosenthal didn’t just reproduce the images but also worked with them. Any fan of Warhol’s work will love this soup-themed vase. The Andy Warhol by Rosenthal Campbell’s Soup Vase complements the Campbell’s Soup collection beautifully and
holds large bouquets of flowers or stands alone as a pop art centerpiece.

andy warhol by rosenthal daisies paperweight

The images selected for the Andy Warhol Collection combine some of the loveliest and rarest examples of Warhol’s genius with several of his best known portraits. Rosenthal didn’t just reproduce the images but also worked with them. Paperweights will always be both classic and whimsical, and will never go out of style. This Andy Warhol by Rosenthal Daisies Paperweight complements the Daisies collection and has a contemporary style with vivid colours. Will look effortlessly stylish on any stack of papers!

Alessi Coffee and Tea Serving Set

alessi coffee and tea serving set

The impressive Alessi Coffee and Tea Serving Set collection consists of a sleek and stylish coffee pot, tea pot, sugar bowl, milk jug and creamer. The pots, sugar bowl, and creamer are all stackable and with a 180º cover opening so that they can be placed on the draining rack. Features include a drip-proof spout, and ergonomic handle. Meticulous details such as these truly make them professional products.

Coffee Pot Holds 1 qt 1 3/4 oz or 8 cups
Tea Pot holds A02/40 holds 14 oz – 2 cups
Tea Pot holds A402/90 holds 31 3/4 oz – 6 cups
Milk Jug A02/40 holds 14 oz – 6 cups
Milk Jug A402/90 holds 31 3/4 oz – 8 cups
Sugar bowl holds 10 1/2 oz
Creamer holds 7 oz

Utilo Tea Accessories Set

utilo tea accessories set

This is going to be the perfect gift for any tea lover or aficionado. The Utilo Tea Accessories Set offers everything needed for a relaxing tea time. You get all these great items included: tea filter with cup, teabag holder with storage cup, tea stick, tea and coffee measure and tea filter clip. Each item is made with durable stainless steel, is dishwasher safe, and features a sleek modern style. Brewing loose leaf tea at home will now be a breeze.

Banana Cat Scratcher

banana cat scratcher

You can’t fight the natural instinct of a cat to keep his claws honed, so give him a healthy alternative. The new Banana Cat Scratcher is a superb treat for your cat, and features a tropical design that looks great in any décor. For relaxing and scratching, the Banana Cat Scratcher is made from the same rugged, corrugated cardboard as the famous scratchers making it a pleasure for cats to scratch. Your cat will feel that this unique surface is his very own personal place to scratch. Made from 30% recycled material, and is 100% recyclable!

Unlike any other surface in your home so your cat will not be confused as to what he should and should not scratch
Includes one bag of certified organic cat nip

Transparent Blue World Globe

transparent blue world globe

The blue landmass Transparent Blue World Globe integrates a strikingly modern aesthetic with a globe’s long-lasting appeal. The transparent desk or tabletop globe ball is bisected by a unique stainless steel axis base. Interesting and a unique gift idea. Also available in dark onyx colour.

mikado slate gray world globe

This is an interesting and striking world globe. Winner of a 2005 Advancing Design and Innovation Award, the slate gray ocean of the Mikado Slate Gray World Globe stands in striking contrast to the easy-to-read metallic silver map. Uniquely supported by an angular brushed stainless steel base, ideal for desk or tabletop.

Plant-it-Earth Globe


Create a unique addition to your home with the Plant-it-Earth Globe series! Plant-it-Earth Globes are perfect for creating your own personal terrarium. These hand-sculpted transparent spheres are delicately silk-screened with the Earth’s continents in translucent white to let the beauty of your plants and miniatures show through. Fill with plants, turn it into a treat bowl The three-inch Plant-it-Earth features an acrylic ring base while all other models come with a sculptured base like those pictured here.

Transparent Continental Globe

transparent continental globe

The Continental Collection Transparent Continental Globe has a unique transparent design with colorful, eye-catching graphics that have been silk-screened on the interior. Each globe is finished with the most up to date cartography, country boundaries, capitals, major cities, bodies of water, and latitude and longitude markings. The Transparent Continental Globe is the perfect addition to classrooms, homes, or the office! Available in different sizes. Super cool design!