cleaning with vinegar

White vinegar is one of the cheapest and most versatile cleaners around. It does not streak, it is safe for hands and it is environmentally friendly. Here are a few great tips for using vinegar in the kitchen:

Eliminate cooking odors by using 1 tablespoon of white vinegar to 1 cup of water. Boil white vinegar in water to eliminate unappealing odors left over from cooking.

Eliminate odors in a smoke-filled room by placing a small bowl of white vinegar in the room.
Jars. Eliminate the odors of peanut butter, tomato sauce or mayonnaise from jars you want to keep by thoroughly rinsing them out with white vinegar.

Remove coffee or tea stains from china cups using an equal mixture of salt and white vinegar. Remove spots on stainless steel by rubbing kitchen items with a cloth dampened in white vinegar.

To loosen hard-to-clean stains in aluminum, glass or porcelain pots or pans, use ¼ cup of white vinegar to 2 cups of water. Boil white vinegar with water in the pan. Wash in hot, soapy water afterwards.

Clean glassware using ½ cup of white vinegar to 1 gallon of water. When white vinegar is added to rinse water, it will help eliminate dull soap film from glassware and leave it looking sparkly. Soak pots and pans stained with food in white vinegar for a half an hour. Afterwards rinse in hot, soapy water.

Use vinegar to clean your microwave oven. Add ½ cup of white vinegar to 1 cup of water in an uncovered bowl and place in the microwave oven. Set on high for 3 to 4 minutes. Let stand for 15 minutes. Finish by wiping out the oven cavity.

Unclog a coffee maker by adding white vinegar to the 6-cup level and water to the 10-cup level. Then put in an empty paper filter. Turn on the coffee maker and complete the brew cycle. After the cycle is complete, discard the vinegar solution and used paper filter. Run the coffee maker for a complete cycle with fresh water before brewing coffee.

Dream Designs Hemp Sheets

dream design hemp sheets

Hemp’s natural resistance to bacteria and fungus,as well as its strength and durability, makes it the perfect material for bed sheets. That’s where Vancouver, British Columbia based Dream Designs excel. These hemp and ramie linens are made from the stock of the cannabis sativa plant blended with ramie, a member of the nettle family and one of the oldest textile fibers known to humankind. Processed without the use of chlorine bleach, dyes, formaldehyde, or chemical softeners.

Hypoallergenic Down Comforter

hypoallergenic down comforter

Non-allergy producing, “Hypoallergenic” is a term applied to a preparation in which every possible care has been taken in formulation and production to ensure minimum instance of allergic reactions. Westex brings you this Hypoallergenic Down Comforter, a product of superior quality constructed with the finest materials. These comforters are thick, fluffy, down filled and are available in generous sizes. 5 Star quality rating!

Natural River Stone Bath Mat

river stone bathmat

Turn your bathroom into a luxurious spa getaway with the mat that gives you a foot massage. Washed and polished river stones in soft, neutral colors (browns, creams, grays) are hand-selected and hand-applied to a mold- and mildew-resistant backing of indoor-outdoor carpet. Before and after a bath or shower, they feel amazing under bare feet. You might also use this Natural River Stone Bath Mat as a doormat.

Bamboo Del Re Bed

bamboo del re bed

From Crate&Barrel’s eco-friend collection comes the sustainably harvested bamboo Del Re Bed. Great-looking and eco-friendly, the Del Re bed is handcrafted entirely of bamboo with an Asian accent and smart two-tone finish. The bamboo bed frame’s warm, smooth coffee brown head and footboard are featured in a rich contrasting dark kona. The bed is put together using traditional Chinese joinery using no nails or screws.

Bento Four Drawer Chest

bento four drawer chest

From the eco-friendly furniture collection at Crate&Barrel comes this Bento Four Drawer Chest. Designed to show bamboo’s natural beauty and unique properties, the Bento has a kona coffee bean finish. Layered and pressed into solid planks, bamboo is harder than hardwood and less affected by changes in temperature and humidity.
This generous clothing storage has four drawers with handsome grid detailing and cast black hardware to match the collection. The attention to detail and construction is top-notch, with precise traditional Chinese joinery techniques which eliminate the use of nails or screws.

xeros washing machine

This incredible washing machine, which could save billions of liters of water each year, has been designed at the University of Leeds. It uses less than 10% of the water of regular washing machines and 30% less energy by replacing most of the water with thousands of tiny reusable plastic beads to attract and absorb dirt under humid conditions.

Xeros, who developed the technology, will start selling the washing machine to commercial customers such as hotels and dry cleaners before bringing the product household consumers.A tiny amount of water and detergent is needed to dampen the clothes, loosen stains and create the water vapour that allows the beads to work. After the cycle is finished, the beads fall through a mesh in the machine’s drum and can be re-used up to a hundred times. Xeros has signed a deal with GreenEarth Cleaning, an environmentally friendly dry-cleaning business, to sell the technology across North America.

Gus Modern Truss-Style Dining Table

gus modern truss style dining table

This Mid-century inspired table is characterized by a distinctive truss-style base and large slab top. Though it is a dining table, I can easily see this table as a work space table or an art desk. The Gus Modern Truss-Style Dining Table is also available as a set with the Gus Modern Thompson Dining Chairs. Choose from stylish wenge or natural finish, this table looks great in any contemporary dining room.

nadine serta futon dream convertible

Given that the Nadine Serta Futon Dream Convertible was created partly by furniture maker Lifestyle Solutions and bedding maker Serta, you are sure to get the best in quality, comfort and durability. Change Nadine around to any position for your comfort and be amazed by sheer relaxation, resulting in perfect symmetry that’s strikingly workable. The Nadine Serta Futon Dream Convertible transforms with slightest effort, absolutely no fuss. Serta Dream Convertibles are designed to deliver constant comfort and reliability.


petite petapotty

Perfect for apartments, condos, boats, RVs, campers, patios and decks, the original Petite PETaPOTTY, in other words a “pet’s place for business” is a comprehensive portable dog toilet with its own drainage system! You just complete it with real or synthetic grass. The PETaPOTTY™ luxury line was created so dogs can go potty at their own leisure without the need to be taken outdoors when their owners are not available. Benefits of real grass: dogs are more inclined to use real grass, it creates a nice garden environment, it’s very hygienic and the real grass will last 2-3 months with regular upkeep.