Eco-Friendly iPod Case


Handmade by JoshJakus in Oakland, CA, this cool little pouch is designed to fit the iPhone, iPod Touch and other small PDAs, phones and media players. The eco-friendly iPod case is made from 100% industrial wool felt, nylon stitching. Industrial felt is made from approximately 85% factory excess wool and 15% mixed fibers.


Available in Queen size only, and constructed of particleboard with a laminate finish, this great-looking platform bed with an attractive, dark chocolate finish will look sexy in any bedroom and will also provide plenty of extra storage space with its two under bed drawers – where you can keep anything, from clothes to extra bed linens. With its clean lines and smooth appearance, the Back Bay Platform Bed will be the perfect addition to any bedroom.

Motorola’s Carbon Neutral Cellphone

renew w233

Many of the largest companies are starting to embrace sustainable design. Motorola is doing their part to beat the problem of consumer e-waste with the release of the world’s first carbon neutral cellphone. The Renew W233 is the first certified carbon free cell phone on the market and features a 100% recyclable housing made from recycled water bottles. What a great idea!

DIY Home Solar Power


Building a solar panel that is effective in capturing energy from the sun involves research. Building it at home doesn’t necessarily need professional expertise. You will need a DIY solar kit which has a step by step set of instructions of how to build a solar panel. THe most important consideration is to find a method of building your own panels that is cost effective and within your budget.

Some of the main components that are included in a typical how to build a solar panel kit are solar cells, solder, a soldering iron, flux and tabbing. Getting a do it yourself solar panel system and building your own residential solar power system is a great way to become more sustainable, producing ‘green energy’ that is very eco-friendly.

Installing Home Solar Panels

home solar panels

Installing home solar panels requires some planning, budgeting and research. It is true that sunlight is free – but installing a complete home solar system can be somewhat costly. There are a lot of decisions to be made and things to take into consideration before you start implementing your own system. There are several alternatives to choose from: you can either do the whole job yourself and buy home solar panels and parts from a supplier, or you can hire an experienced contractor for the job. Home solar panels is an investment in your home and in your children’s future.

Sanyo Home Solar Panels

sanyo solar panel

Sanyo’s 190-watt PV modules achieve their high efficiency through their patented heterojunction with intrinsic thin layer technology. This allows the PV module to obtain max power within a fixed space, and creates a lower de-rating related to temperature. Sanyo’s solar panels produce more electricity than conventional crystalline silicon modules. The structure of the HIT PVs allows them to reduce loss of the electrical element by surrounding the energy generation layer of single thin crystalline silicon with high quality ultra-thin amorphous silicon layers.

Bungalow Rattan Panel Bed

bungalow rattan panel bed

Available in Twin, Queen, King and California King sizes, the Bungalow Rattan Panel Bed in Blond is durably constructed of rattan with intricately woven panels, and this tropical feeling bed has a versatile exotic design that creates the intimacy and feel of a tropical island getaway! The ideal bed if you are trying to create a tropical or island theme for your bedroom.

paper table

Matt Gagnon Studio is a design firm focusing on surface, spatial and object design. For this incredibly cool and modern piece, the studio has used recycled newsprint boards cut and fused to create a coffee table to hold your current reading materials. With the addition of new magazines the form of the table is complete. The hollow version shown on the right, as you can see this is a striking contemporary piece, just dying to be the centerpiece of your modern living space.

Ruthie Low Table

ruthie low table

Designed & Manufactured by Datumzero, the Ruthie Low Coffee Table is an example of Datumzero’s Laminas furniture line, which is based on experimenting with the intensity of labor. A number of limited sculptural pieces which have been created by layering various wood types yielding interesting juxtapositions of color, texture and scale. This modern low coffee table is a result of this thoughtful approach to design.

Kirei Mod Coffee Table

coffee mod table

Designed and Manufactured by Iannone Design, this eco-friendly Kirei Mod Coffee Table is made from the reclaimed stalks of the sorghum plant. The stalks are bonded using a formaldehyde free adhesive, and the interior structure is made from FSC certfied plywood cut from normally discarded scrap pieces. It’s a fabulous and modern-looking eco-friendly coffee table that would look amazing in any contemporary home.