Mango Wood Wine Rack

mango wood wine rack

This mango wood wine rack is a modern work of art even when it isn’t housing any wine bottles. These wood wine racks are hand-crafted from eco-friendly tropical Mango wood by skilled artisans and they feature a rich dark chestnut brown finish. Made of three separate pieces, they can be separated and used individually, or re-arranged to form interesting and fluid new designs.

King Size Bamboo Pillowcases

bamboo pillowcases

These eco-friendly kings sized bamboo pillowcases are 100% bamboo fiber woven and dyed a fresh green tea color. New to the market, the manufacturing company, Dreamsacks, offers 250 thread count bamboo fiber pillowcase sets in standard and king size. Bamboo fiber is naturally soft, naturally breathable, hypo-allergenic and renewable. Bamboo is a super fast-growing grass that doesn’t require pesticides for growth, is quickly renewable, environmentally friendly and completely biodegradable. Dreamsacks is committed to responsible production practices. All dyes used in these bamboo pillowcases are non-toxic and AZO free and are made from Panda-safe bamboo.

Allusion Soaking Bathtub

allusion soaking bath

The Jacuzzi Soaking Bath will provide you with the ultimate bathing experience; calming, serene, and elegant. You want pure, soothing relaxation, and the tranquility of warm, calm immersion and you will find it with Allusion Jacuzzi Soaking Bathtub. The serenity of a long, quiet soak; calming, quiet, the best of bathing forms for incredible relaxation. Available in white, oyster, neutral, black, and almond finishes, this soaker tub will fit well into any bathroom decor.

Cast Iron Clawfoot Bath Tub

clawfoot bathtub

Combining classic old world charm and modern functionality, the Slipper Clawfoot Tub with Rim Holes by Elizabethan Classics is the ideal addition to your bathroom. This clawfoot tub features a cast iron and porcelain construction, a slip resistant surface, and a massive water capacity. The claw feet are available in chrome, oil rubbed bronze, polished brass, satin nickel, uncoated brass, and white.

bamboo lazy susan

Give this eco-friendly bamboo lazy Susan a green spin. Bamboo is a natural in the kitchen because of its tough durability, environmentally friendly qualities and lightweight composition. The smooth, easy-to-spin tray keeps condiments, napkins and more within everyone’s reach and is ideal for entertaining, as well as regular everyday use at the dining room table.

bamboo flatware

These 100% organically grown bamboo flatware pieces are the natural alternative to plastic utensils. These bamboo utensils are food safe and intended for one-time use.They breakdown naturally in about four to six months. These don’t do well in a microwave or a dishwasher either, so be careful! Each set includes eight each of a knife, fork and spoon.

recycled wire box

Handcrafted by skilled village artisans in Bamako, Mali, this beautiful box is created entirely of recycled copper telephone wire. Traditional weaving techniques and patterns are used in the making of this unique, eco-friendly item. Contemporary flair and traditional tribal artwork come together in this decorative piece. The perfect addition to your home decor while you help protect our planet. Crafted in Mali, this copper box is a Fair Trade product, and would make a great eco-friendly gift this holiday season.

Hemp Shower Curtain

hemp shower curtain

The hemp shower curtain is an eco-friendly alternative to plastic shower liners, and hemp shower curtains have a natural resistance to mildew.This shower curtain is made from Romanian grown hemp. The hemp is grown without pesticides and chemical fertilizers and hemp plants use less water than cotton plants and give a greater fiber yield per acre. A great way to green your bathroom!

trees instead

The environmental impact of any person and their activities during a defined period of time is measured in units of carbon dioxide called a carbon footprint. You can reduce this impact by reducing the emission of carbon dioxide and/or balancing the amount of carbon dioxide produce and released to the environment by planting trees equivalent to the number of carbon dioxide units used; these trees will absorb the carbon dioxide you generate and oxygen will be produced. Planting trees is the perfect way for people to reduce to zero the damage caused by their own carbon footprint.

Looking for the ultimate eco-friendly gift this Christmas? Trees InsteadCar has put together a number of Carbon Footprint Offset packages you can purchase, each one guaranteeing a certain number of trees planted in your name or the name of the gift recipient. This is a great idea!

glow brick

The Glow Brick gathers solar power during the day and then, as it gets dark, the Glow Brick night light slowly begins to light up. In a darkened room, it shines a warm and soothing green light and gives the impression that its a bulb suspended in mid-air within the room. This would make a great eco-friendly Christmas present – it’s solar powered and really has such a cool design! Kids would love this as night light too!