buy supernatural wardrobe

The Modern Supernatural Wardrobe is designed to make your room interior slick and sophisticated looking, while giving you a ton of space for your clothes and other household items. It has a very stylish appearance and the construction is top notch so the piece will serve you well for years providing a large space for all your things. This Modern Wardrobe with wood veneer finish will be a great addition to your modern bedroom furniture. It has aluminum framed doors with tobacco colored mirror. A fantastic piece.

buy altrove living room

This Altrove Living Room Set is the penultimate in modern living room collections, setting high standards in its class. The Altrove series which includes the sectional sofa and chair, combines comfort with with luxury – it supplies wide, deep set cushions for maximum comfort. Its hip and modern design will not only blend well in your home, but would also look great in the ultimate bachelor pad.

Royal Leather Bedroom Set

buy leather bedroom set

The Royal Leather Bedroom Set mixes the simplicity of modern design with a decidedly Asian themed influence at the same time. The tall headboard which must be attached to the wall adds a sexy regality to the modern master bedroom. The Leather Bedroom Set includes the bed (king or queen size depending on your choice), two single drawer nightstands that look great on either side of the bed and that magnificent headboard.

Glass Top Metal Table

buy glass top metal table

The Glass Top Metal Table is a modern and elegant design, and it will be well-suited to your modern and simply dining area. The underlying metal structure that makes up the table beneath the glass has a delicate birds nest appearance, which is a super original framework for a simple glass top table.

Benjamin Sectional Sofa

buy benjamin sectional sofa

The Benjamin Sectional Sofa is a gorgeous leather sofa that will suit anyones lifestyle.
This Benjamin Sectional is made of the finest quality leather and built to last a long time. The details and the contemporary classic design are versatile and fit will with pre-existing furnishings and decor. The sofa manages to be both modern and vintage looking at the same time – so it will appeal to many different design tastes.


In my opinion, Kramfors leather sofa came along recently into IKEA’s inventory and it launched the beginning of their sophisticated and well-made loft series of furniture – more for the hip urban city dweller than the suburban family. Its comfortable and unassuming, and looks beautiful in the colors of dark brown and black that IKEA has chosen for the piece. The Kramfors series is one of my favorite lines for Ikea sofas.


This is one of the most surprising IKEA purchases I’ve ever made. When I first saw it in the store I didn’t look twice – it wasn’t until I’d sat in in that I was sold for life. I have since bought three Karlstad Swivel Chairs. They are so unbelievably comfortable you wouldn’t believe it. I sit and read for hours in this chair, and it gives my den a sophisticated look. I love it.

Ikea Karlstad Chair

Buy ikea karlstad chair

The Karlstad Chair is one of my favorite Ikea chairs. It has a decidedly modern look but will look amazing in a more classically decorated living space as well. It’s also comfortable to sit in for extended periods of time. As with all Ikea products, the range of fabrics and available colors make the Karlstad chair fir well into an style of living room or den. Colors include ullevi gray, sivik light yellow, sivik light blue, sivik dark gray, rannebo black/white, mader multicolor, linneryd natural, korndal blue, korndal green, korndal brown, korndal red and blekinge white.

Prestige Sofa

buy prestige sofa

The Prestige Sofa from Target combines affordability and a clean modern design to bring cool sophistication to your living room or den. Target has the Prestige Sofa available in the beautiful and warm dark chocolate color, which melds well with a variety of different colors, so the sofa will fit in nicely with your other furniture.