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Sustainable Vintage Apartment Decor Ideas


The modern lifestyle is incredibly wasteful and harmful to the environment. Luckily, there are many ways to avoid this and to have tasteful yet sustainable decorations throughout your apartment. There are many places where you can obtain ideas for sustainable apartment décor ideas, but I like to get my inspiration from nature. As such, in my apartment I keep as many plants as possible in bloom which improve the quality of the air and provide a sustainable, easy, and beautiful decoration.

Visiting garage sales for furniture to use in your apartment is part of a eco-friendly lifestyle and is also an affordable way of decorating your apartment. Many times simple paint jobs can improve the look of furniture and provide you with a gorgeous apartment. Be careful when painting your walls and use ecologically friendly paint that will not damage the environment when it is removed.

Used items from old businesses can often add a unique look to your apartment. Visit businesses that are closing and see if there are any items that could spruce up your home. Many business owners will take anything they could get for these items and your apartment will often obtain a unique and aesthetically pleasing centerpiece that sets it apart from other apartments.









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Amazingly Unique Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas


I tend to go CLASSIC when it comes time to decorate the Christmas tree in my house. A few simple strings of white and mulitcolored lights, some gorgeous and special christmas tree ornaments that I’ve collected since I was a child, and a few simple silver garland strands for that wonderful icicle effect. It’s perfect in it’s simplicity – but I have seen some incredible unique takes on the decorated tree, that I have to share with you, especially if you’re considering throwing out the tradition book this year and decorating your tree in a brand new way! Go for it!

Download Gold Christmas Tree

Check out these wonderful and totally unique Christmas trees for ideas on how to decorate yours this season!

Book Christmas Tree

Click the “More Pictures” button for a bunch of other unique ideas!

Top 10 Diy Felt Christmas Tree Ornaments

Sometimes  I think I have an addiction to cool, unique and cute Christmas tree ornaments. I find myself looking for them on every trip or vacation I take, and I catch myself eying all kinds of non-ornament objects to see if there’s someway I could attach a hook to them. It’s getting out of control and at some point I’m going to have to have a thirty-foot high tree to house my ever expanding collection. That said, here are the fruits of this year’s online search for the cutest tree ornaments this side of the North Pole.

22 Cute Diy Christmas Ornaments

Diy Christmas Ornaments 20

Superb Christmas Decorations

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Examples of Cool Office Wall Art

Because I Work And Paint From

Life in a dull drab cubicle at work is certainly very boring. A boring cubicle leads to less efficient work day. Even a dull work space in a home office could benefit from some cool work space wall art. Envision your wall in the work space. Think of it as a bare canvas. Let your imagination go wild.

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Rustic Modern: A Great Look For The Bedroom

Rustic Bedrooms Decoist (15) -

Rustic Modern is one of the most popular design aesthetics in today’s home decorating. With the increasing popularity of the idea of using reclaimed, repurposed and recycled materials in furniture and objects, its only natural that the combination of rustic flair with a modern touch would start invading the homes of the design-conscious.

The bedroom is often a great place to start if you’re redesigning your home. It’s the place most of us find solace and peace in, and so many people want that space to be as warm as inviting as possible, while maintaining a certain level of cool style and modern sophistication.

Natural Textures Meet Modern Interiors At The Olive Exclusive Hotel In ...

When I decided to re-do my bedroom in a rustic modern style, I wanted to incorporate my favorite elements of that style: textured wood, soft and warm lighting, and rustic style bed linens to complete the look. I started by looking for the perfect bed frame, and found several that fit into my vision, including bed frames made with barn doors, or a more simple looking barnwood bed frame. Then it was time to choose bed linens, and I found hundreds to choose from that incorporated trees, plants, animal life, or just simple colors that you’d find in nature.

When re-designing the bedroom, starting with your bed is a great idea, because you can use it as the focus object in the room, and theme the rest of your space around that centerpiece of the bedroom. Here are a bunch of images that I collected to help inspire my new rustic modern bedroom design.

Rustic Bedrooms Decoist (15) -

Check out a lot more images by clicking the button!

Gorgeous Backyard Garden Design Ideas

Backyard Designs

A gorgeous garden evokes a sense of calm and intrigue. The mystery of the space draws you in while intriguing plants and decorations make you want to linger. Romantic gardens need not be expensive or difficult. With a little time, creativity, and these amazing backyard design ideas, it is possible to create your own vintage garden that is a joy to the senses.

10 Beautiful Backyard Designs

Begin by picking one plant that will catch your eye the minute you enter the garden. Create a sense of mystery by placing little statues or figurines in unexpected locations. Then add visual drama with old ladders, or furniture, overflowing with quick-growing annual vines.

If you close your eyes, can you still enjoy your garden? Think of the sounds you want to hear, the rustling of tall grasses, the trickle of a small fountain, perhaps the singing of birds. Re-purposed vintage finds often make beautiful fountains, birdbaths, or birdhouses. What smell will draw you in every morning? Is it lavender, or lilacs? Consider plants you long to touch and plant them near a seating area. Be sure that hidden among the beautiful and fragrant additions to your garden, there are plants that can be savored such as mint or berries.

The key to a beautiful backyard design is to take things you love and mix them in ways that make you happy. Take a look at HGTV’s collection for even more amazing backyard design ideas.

Outdoor : Backyard Design Idea

Backyard Design Ideas 664x889

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Contemporary Home Decor Tips and Ideas

Browse Contemporary Home Minimalist Open Living Room Decor Similar …

When you are looking for contemporary home decor tips, you need to start by figuring out what you want. Contemporary design means different things to different people, so start by considering what you like to see in your home. That might mean something rather cluttered or it might mean something ultra-slick and modern, so be sure you have a great idea of what you want in your head.

Contemporary Home Decor

First, consider opening things up. If you are looking for a serious renovation, think about bringing your living room, kitchen and dining room over to an open floor plan. An open floor plan is a great choice when you want more visual space, more light and a more modern aesthetic.


The easiest sofa fabric to clean, and one of the strongest fabric quality is better known as leather.

If the sofa manufacturer created the sofa with a cotton like fabric. It could attract a lot of lint. I would probably use a vacuum to clean it all up. If something spilled on the sofa with a cotton like fabric. The cotton will absorb all of the liquid, because cotton operates like a sponge. Not even a vacuum or a cloth could clean such a horrible stain.



Leather is by far the easiest sofa material to clean. Especially, if the leather is black, dark blue, dark brown, or any dark color. If I was to accidentally spill some type of juice or ketchup on the leather sofa. The leather will also absorb some of the liquid, but absolutely very slowly.
If the leather sofa did not come with instructions, here are some tips on everyday cleaning and care.I would try to clean the leather sofa gently first. I would consult a professional if the stain is difficult to clean. I would use a wiping motion without scrubbing. I would wipe the leather sofa with a soft, clean, white cloth every week or so. I would vacuum the sofa from time to time, and I would also use a damped cloth to keep the dirt from building up.

I highly recommend not to use harsh chemicals, like alcohol, bleach, and abrasive cleaners or strong detergents to clean the leather sofa. If I was to use harsh chemicals, I could potentially damage or ruin the color.

Examples of Eco-Friendly Glass Countertops

Simple Ideas To Change Your Kitchen With Glass

Aside from being a recyclable product, glass is finding its way into many homes now as a countertop material for a number of reasons beyond its inate eco-friendliness! There are a lot of pros to using glass – some of which you may not even realize!  Glass is a cinch to keep clean because it is non-porous and super hygenic.  It doesn’t stain, so don’t fret when you leave merlot rings on it from glasses left out from the party the night before.

Glass is also a very strong material when it is specifically used for countertops, with some manufacturers even saying its as hard as granite. It can also take the heat, so don’t worry about putting that hot frying pan on it straight from the stovetop!

Glass Countertop - Brooks

Glass countertops in the kitchen or bathroom are not only eco-friendly and durable, they look absolutely gorgeous, giving your space an elegant and refined look that will last for years.

Wallpaper, Decals and Wall Murals – Trees Edition

… With Some Tree Wallpaper This Could Also Be Accomplished With Tree Or

Is there anything more soothing and serene than a stroll through a beautifully lit, atmospheric green forest? Or a walk on a fall day through the orange, reds and browns of an autumn wood?

Even a day spent in the bare trees and white serenity on a winter walk can bring a busy mind to a quiet place. Trees and forest scenes just have a way of making any space look more relaxing and zen-like.

With Tree Wallpaper

So its no surprise that designers and homeowners have latched on to the trend of papering their walls with forest themed or tree patterned wall paper and murals. There are so many gorgeous options available these days – whether you’re looking for actual images of trees, or a more artistic vision of a tree-filled vista. To add even more character to your walls, take a look at these 3D wall wallpaper flats!

Cool Wallpapers For Home With Abstract Tree Wall Murals

I’ve gathered a collection of images that I hope will inspire you as you search for the perfect tree or forest wallpaper or wall murals! Enjoy!