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The-Living-Cube 3

“I wanted to focus on practicality and functionality and skip any unnecessary elements. My goal was to come up with a timeless design that fits any space and living situation.”

— Till Könneker

This is how the Living Cube‘s designer describes how he came up with the idea for this brilliant piece of furniture, that is really so, SO much more than just furniture. From the site, the Living Cube is described as a unit in which the user can “combine eight to twelve different pieces of furniture into one very small footprint: an entertainment unit that can fit a 42″/107 cm flat panel screen, shelves suitable for books, records and/or clothing, work space, wardrobe, closet, shoe rack, drawers, bike & skateboard storage, minibar, a queen-size bed-ready loft, and interior ‘New Room’ for additional storage or workspace utility.”

It’s completely customizable, and is sold as a Mini Cube, an Urban Cube, a Living Wall or your own configuration. We love it’s minimalist simplicity, and we can imagine a unit like this changing the way small apartments are designed.

The-Living-Cube 4

The-Living-Cube 5



Gorgeously Textured Rugs from Stepevi

Cameo-texture rug by-Stepevi

Is there anything more inviting and luxurious than a wonderfully textured rug? Especially a dramatically textured rug that also boasts an array of incredible, vibrant colors? The designers at Stepevi have answered the call for anyone looking for more than just a rug, but a rug that can take over as the central design element in whatever room you choose to put it in.

Demure-texture rug by-Stepevi

Stepevi has an entire series of rugs in a number of different collections. Regardless of what color, pattern or texture you might be looking for, I spent over an hour on their website and found several that I immediately coveted, not just for my living room, but for my bedroom as well.

The company was founded in Istanbul and has boutiques in London, Paris, Milan, Istanbul, New York, Dubai and many other design capitals of the world.

Mercer-Vedia-Lines-textured rug by-Stepevi

Mercer-Vedia-texture rug Cage-by-Stepevi

Parquet-textured rug-Stepevi

Terra-Crystal-textured rug by-Stepevi

Terra-texture rug by-Stepevi

Cool and Industrial Metal Pipe Frame Beds


I love the look of a really industrial looking bed frame with some simple modern bedding. A bed like this would be right at home in an urban loft bedroom, or in a minimalist designed bedroom space. Using metal pipe as the source material for a bed frame makes a very bold statement in furniture design. The look is decidedly masculine, but with the right bedding, you can make this work in a rustic modern design style.

There are some major retailers that sell metal pipe frame beds, such as Restoration Hardware and CB2, but you can also have one custom made with the kind of pipe that most appeals to you, whether it be stainless steel, copper or any other commonly used metal used for pipeworks. If you’re handy, you could even consider doing a DIY pipe bed!

Take a look at some of these pipe metal bed frames and see if this kind of design would be the right fit in your own bedroom space!


cool pipe frame bed

metal pipe bed frame sideview

pipe bed frame







Modern and Elegant Walk-In Shower Designs

Bathroom-Design-walk in shower

Walk-in showers are becoming more popular in modern home design, because they have a very simple yet beautiful aesthetic that instantly make a bathroom more streamlined and sophisticated looking. It’s not easy to install a walk-in shower into a bathroom that hasn’t been built with one in mind, because the floor and plumbing all have to be specially designed to accommodate this kind of shower set up.

Walk-in showers have a very open, airy feel to them, and look fantastic in bathrooms that get plenty of natural light. Glass is the most common material used when designing these kinds of showers, since it adds to the openness of the design. Because of that element of their design, they can make bathrooms seem much bigger and more open.

Here’s a collection of images showcasing some of the most amazingly beautiful walk-in showers we could find, so hopefully you find some great inspiration for your bathroom design!


grey-modern-shower-walk in


modern cool walk in shower wooden floor

Modern-Bathroom-Shower-Tile-walk in

modern-shower-with-wood-wall-walk in







super-contemporary-shower-walk in

walk in shower-with-wood-slat-floor



Cool and Colorful LOLLY Chairs Are Adorable


Recently saw these cute chairs on one of my favorite design sites and had to write about the. This is one of the first times I’ve seen polyurethane used in such a way and its actually such a great idea because it makes this chair so much more durable if you wanted to use it outside. According to the designers, Roberto Foschia and Mara Picco, their tub chair LOLLY is as “soft and cozy as a nest.” They created the chair for Area Declic and were inspired by the the carefree world of children.


LOLLY is also comfortable because of that special material used to make it, called PolyPlus, which is the first soft and colorful polyurethane made for outdoor use.

The colors are the best part! There are several great colors to choose from including broom yellow, light grey, smoke grey, purple red, chocolate brown , taupe and petrol blue.

Area-Declic_Lolly_chairs colors

Take a look at these wonderful chairs and picture them out on your deck, in your child’s room or anywhere that you want something bright and playful to jazz up your space!

blue lolly chair cute

Lolly_chair blue and white


MIT Developing Self-Assembling Furniture


The smarty-pants at MIT are going to change the way we build furniture, so we hope IKEA is paying attention! The lab at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology calls this new technology “programmable” furniture. They have been showing off a prototype at the Salone del Mobile in Milan, and its a table that has been designed using a tensile fabric affixed between wooden frames.



self assembling table MIT

How does it work? The flexible wood frame comes flat-packed (much like our old pal IKEA does their furniture) which makes it easy to ship, store etc. Then, when the moment comes, it maneuvers itself into a table by using the fabric to pull the legs into place.

This is next level furniture design from the Self Assembly Lab at MIT and we are going to be watching carefully to see what these brilliant designers come up with next! IKEA, get your bid in now!

Here’s a cool video about how other self-assembling furniture works!

Cool Designs: Levitating Flyte Lamp

flyte floating lamp levitating

As soon as I saw a picture of this incredible (and simple) lamp, I knew I had to do a write-up about it. It immediately catches your eye, as it really does appear to float in mid-air! I also love the warm and rich wood the designer has used. The Flyte Lamp, as its called, was designed by artist Simon Morris. The lamps are created in Sweden and made from sustainable oak, ash and walnut, and fitted with eco-friendly LED lights. Of course, its not really magic keeping the bulb in place, its a trick of magnetics, and the bulb not only hovers, it is also wirelessly powered. The bottom of the lightbulb has a tiny power receiver and a magnet, and the base of the fixture has a wireless power transmitter and an electromagnet. Result? Super cool floaty lamp.



Want one? Get in on the ground floor. Here’s the Kickstarter page.

What inspired Morris to create the Flyte Lamp? In his own words: ““When I was 16, I dreamt of having a hoverboard and became so fascinated by magnetic levitation I began building my own prototypes with magnets. Fifteen years later I built a hoverboard prototype. Although I couldn’t ride on it, it floated in the air. I began sharing it with friends and remember the look on people’s faces. Later, I started levitating other objects, working with brands like Nike and Urban Ears to build magnetic levitation installations like shoes, headphones and speakers.“

flyte floating lamp levitating

Katedra: The Modern Desk That Charges Your Phone


Design studio Desnahemisfera, which is based in the city of Ljubljana in Slovenia, has created this absolutely stunning desk which combines modern minimalist beauty with high tech function. Named Katedra, and designed for Donar d.o.o., this functional desk item provides ample work space, gorgeously appointed wooden drawers, all while charging your phone in the most simple and elegant way. Just place your phone on the top of the desk, which boasts a built-in wireless phone charger and while you work you can see it turn from white to red to green as the phone gets charged up!

From the designer’s own site “Katedra office desk is a triumph of contrast; a large white surface leans onto a solid wood block that mimics stacked beams. The block has three push-to-open drawers and the desk itself is made out of Kerrock, which is fully recyclable.”

We love the look and super functionality of this amazing desk, so take a look at the images, and share if you covet it as much as we do!





Unique Ideas for Your Loft’s Floor

a-new-york-loft-with-eclectic-steel floors

Vintage loft floor accents are made from just about any materials imaginable. Some of the favorite types of flooring trim installed in one-bedroom apartments or upper floors involve the integration of multiple materials and textures.

For instance, you could create the smooth finished marble look or you can try for a rougher stone style. You can try solid color or print. Whatever you prefer, it can be fun to include trimmings and fixtures like the ones made during the Classic, Victorian, Modern, or Renaissance Eras to accentuate the room where the new floor will be placed. Lofts look great with wood floors, and you can use laminate if you’re on a budget, or get beautiful reclaimed plank flooring for a vintage look. Tiling is another direction you can take, and you can choose from tons of materials, including ceramic and marble. Some designers are even using glass flooring, and finished concrete is increasingly popular as well.

Additionally, you can mix and match different area rug patterns and coordinate them just right to create about any kind of interior display you want. Your room decor can be all antique or it can all be modern or it can be a little of both. The choice is yours when planning all your interior design schemes, including what kinds of floor accents you will install.

When you incorporate many different materials in into your loft design, you present a unique look to the world. This is your form of self-expression and it tells the world that this is your living space and this is who you are. You can never run out of ideas when planning a design for a new room or even when remodeling an entire home.





Contemporary-loft-apartment-interior-design-with-wooden floors


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bathroom wall decals

Interesting wall art can make or break an apartment. Finding contemporary apartment wall art that suits a space is usually much more simple than most people realize. The key lies in not going overboard and choosing items that are both subtle and elegant. Having a clear statement in mind is also very helpful when selecting wall adornments.

The internet has made it impossibly simple to get one of a kind artwork for the home at a fraction of the price. Browsing sites like etsy, where artists sell their wares, can shed some light on very simple, yet modern pieces that can be the crowning statement in an upscale apartment. Combining a unique work of art with a high end frame can create a very expensive look.

Another way to embellish the walls of an up to date apartment is with wall decals. These can be found in home improvement stores, on the web and virtually all design shops.

Here are some sites to check out with great wall decals:
What Is Blik?
The Wall Sticker Company
Dezign with a Z

Their application is simple, and even a person with little experience in DIY can pull them off. They are generally single tone and come in virtually every design, from guitar silhouettes to ethereal branches. Combine a few to create a contemporary wall mural.



Boy-Room-Ideas-plane wall decal

cool wall decal