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Simple Design Ideas For Home Yoga Studios

Home Studio Yoga

Do you have a studio that you want to transform into an incredible place to do yoga? Create your very own, private, stress-free sanctuary! Leave your worries at the front door, and transform your space into a zen yoga studio.

Yoga Studio

Zen is a Japanese term, which means a school of Mahayana Buddhism emphasizing the value of meditation. Another way to think of Zen is a total state of focus, that incorporates you to relax your body and mind.

Creating your studio into a Zen get-a-way will be as easy as 1, 2, and 3!

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Rustic Modern Design Ideas for Lofts

Modern Rustic

When choosing the theme for decorating a loft, one of the simplest ways to create a relaxed and casual feel (without sacrificing style) is to incorporate rustic modern furniture into the mix. These kind furnishings are simple and functional, natural, and suitable for all tastes. They can be paired with any other style of décor to create a fresh, and exciting look that soothes while it pleases the eyes.

Loft With Rustic Design 15 Rustic Loft Design Ideas

Rustic and modern furniture brings any room, no matter how big or small, to life with bold lines and breathtakingly modest adornments. These pieces create a sense of unity between all the décor in your home, making you as well as your guests feel more at home. If you are seeking a style that creates a carefree and casual sense of calm in your loft,  modern yet old fashioned furniture is definitely the design for you.

See more pictures below for more ideas!

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Awesome Vintage Bathroom Design Ideas

Bathroom Black And White Floor Tiles Pictures

One of the most fun and lively ways to decorate your home is by utilizing vintage style decor. Everything old is new again and there are plenty of ways to incorporate a vintage feel so that it also looks modern and fresh. The bathroom is the perfect place to create a retro room. To help you along the way, consider the following vintage bathroom decor tips.

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Garden Lights

Decorating the backyard of a house is very important to many people. They like to have a nice yard and garden for themselves, and for when other people come over to visit. One of the best ways to make your backyard a warm and inviting place, is to select the best lighting for that outdoor space.

With these backyard lighting solutions you will be able to create a very nice atmosphere in your backyard. The lighting works tremendously, and it is easy to put up. You should ask someone to help if it involves extensive wiring. A lot of the newer systems utilize LED lighting or even solar lighting, so you can make this project as green as you like!


Garden Lighting  

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Wilderness Lodge Fixtures Design

Earlier this year, my family and I had the wonderful experience of visiting Disney World in Florida. We stayed at the lovely Wilderness Lodge for a week, and fell in love with their gorgeously rustic design aesthetic. It got me to thinking about the cottage or cabin that I’d like to own one day, and how I’d like to decorate that space to re-create the feel and look of the Wilderness Lodge.

The interior designers responsible for the vibe of this hotel have paid attention to every detail! Everything from the huge totem poles in the breathtaking lobby, to the little things, like the log beds and the Ranger Chip and Dale characters in the bathroom tiles!

The idea behind the design was to emulate the incredible log cabins found in the American West. Everywhere you look, you’ll see timber pillars, and wonderful collections of Native American art and artifacts. In the lobby of the hotel, a bubbling brook leads out into the hotel grounds where it ends in a waterfall. There’s even a Yosemite style geyser that erupts every hour!

When you enter your room, the rustic look continues, with bedding, fixtures and furniture that all boast an old-fashioned, cabin style and look. I started to look around for items that would help me re-create the look of the Wilderness Lodge, and found some great stuff! It’s pretty simple to find companies that are designing furniture and fixtures that look almost exactly like the ones found at Wilderness Lodge – and I even got some great ideas that I didn’t see there, like this awesome canoe bookshelf! I even located the cut metal sconces featuring bears and moose, which were very much like the ones in our room.

I can’t wait to one day create my own cabin getaway, and use the DWL (as they call it in pro Disney speak) to be my design inspiration!

Disney's Wilderness Lodge

3 Ways To Zen Your Living Space

Easy Lounging … Use Your Inside Cushions For Outside Comfort!

To get a relaxing and zen feel to any living one needs to add a few classic features. A water feature is key. Adjustable lighting, comfortable furniture, and music are also great ways to bring a relaxed feel to any living room. Using a water fountain or other small water feature as a focal point in the living room is a great way to relax people instantly when they walk into the living room. A good place is to put a small fountain on a mantel or coffee table that is central to the seating spaces in the room.

Japanese Design Provides Fresh Start For The New Year

Using over-sized furniture, recliners, chaise lounges, or padded ottomans is a way to get a relaxed feel as soon as one sits down in the room. Using low lighting relaxes the body and deadens the senses somewhat, it allows meditation and relaxation to take place. Putting on comfortable music, ocean waves, soothing chants, rain, thunder, or even cricket sounds can set the mood and appeal to the senses. Using all of these features combined will give the room the best meditative effect. It brings comfort and relaxation into the home and offers an inviting place when coming home from a long workday.

Modern Zen Living Room On Behance

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Sustainable Bedroom Decor Photo Ideas

Eco-friendly Platform Beds

Coming up with sustainable bedroom decor ideas doesn’t have to be difficult. By being aware of the materials used in construction, one can have a comfortable space that also remains ecologically conscious. When designing a room, consider using items that serve multiple purposes to eliminate the need for extra space.

One of the biggest areas when it comes to furnishing a bedroom that can help reduce the carbon footprint, is through the use of recycled materials; whether one chooses to reuse an old bed frame, or to opt for renewable resources, such as bamboo, for construction. Reclaimed furniture can be given new life through the use of non-toxic stains, as well as being re purposed from other areas of the home.

 Sustainable Guest Bedroom

Consider looking at thrift stores for items, such as lamps, and storage options instead of purchasing new. Use bedding composed of renewable resources such as soy and organic cotton. When it comes to lighting use lamps with energy efficient bulbs and natural lighting from windows. Curtains help keep the temperature in a room stable and cut down on heating usage. Painting a room can be done using low-VOC paints to prevent harmful chemicals from being released into the air.

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More Eco Friendly Furniture Ideas

Eco-friendly  Dining Room Furniture | Eco Friendly

Furniture design is becoming not only a study in function and sustainability, its becoming  more of an art form. Certain kinds of eco-friendly designs can be very expensive, and people are looking for ways to furnish their homes creatively without spending too much money. Eco-Friendly design is becoming very popular for this reason. Homeowner want eco-friendly furniture that is not only good for the environment, but will also allow you to save money.

Alternative Materials

There are also many retailers, especially on the internet, that are beginning to use reusable, recycled or sustainable materials to build their furniture. Some examples of these materials are bamboo, cork, reclaimed barnwood, recycled plastic and pieces made from FSC certified materials.

Eco Friendly Bamboo Dining Table Design For Dining Room Furniture

Reclaimed Furniture

Many stray away from using alternative materials because they can not always be found in stores. Instead of just throwing away everything from a room, or rooms, that you are redoing, try to brainstorm ways to reuse some of the pieces that have been used before. It is very easy, and inexpensive, to transform something even just using a new coat of paint and a refinishing.

For a ton of great ideas and images to inspire you on your hunt for eco-friendly furniture for all rooms in your home, just click the green button for more pictures, or check out my Pinterest board For Eco Friendly Furniture Ideas!

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Wall Art Idea : Vintage Black And White Destination Bus Roll

When looking for a way to spice up a living room consider going vintage. Vintage living room wall art is a great way to bring history into a more contemporary space without turning your living room into a museum. Wall art is a unique to make a space yours and safeguard your deposit. Your style can easily follow you no matter where you make your home.

Make Your Home Feel Lovable With Wall Photos And Wall Art | My

When looking for this kind of art, consider a few things. First measure the space where your art will rest. You do not want to fall in love with a piece only to find out that it is too tall to fit over the couch or will be half hidden by the entertainment center. Second consider the colors of furnishings in your home and try to compliment them with your art choice. You may love a vintage movie poster but find that “The Swamp Thing” clashes with everything else you own.

Finally, choose a subject that is meaningful to you. If you like cars for example, a cool old car advertisement makes a great conversation piece and brightens your living room too. If you are going to live with art, you must love it.

Cool Home Workspace Design Tips

Home Office Ideas

When working at your home office or in any work environment, it’s always important to enjoy the are around you and fee comfortable with where you are working. This will help you perform better and give you a trendy or unique style to your area that you will love. Wondering what you can do to spice up your office? Check out these cool work space design tips:

Home Office Design

1.Make it spacious:
A home office space that is too cluttered it really tough to work in. Fill the space or room up with things like a desk and all the essentials, and throw in a few chairs or couches. Other than that, leave room in the office so you won’t be distracted and the space will always be kept clean.

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